Our Story

Metiza is a positive online community focused on young women inspiring and encouraging one another to be their best selves. We hope to encourage a sense of purpose, confidence and love of authentic self into every person. Every voice is important, valuable and worthwhile and Metiza lets those voices shine.

We know young women are the key to change, and a vital contribution to the paradigm shift happening in our world. They have a voice that is powerful; not by listening to advice from those who have been there, but sharing their own stories. BY each other, FOR each other.

Why Metiza?

Metiza came about through a conversation between a mother and daughter, commiserating about the relentless and skewed “celebrity-influencer oriented” content being delivered to young women today. Content that unrealistically defines what’s beautiful, real, and meaningful, setting us up for inevitable failure by comparison.

We added a lifelong best friend, whose passion for empowering young people gives her purpose, and got to work. We wanted to start a new conversation, one that celebrates the extraordinary within the ordinary, featuring everyday girls doing everyday, amazing things. True, honest, authentic, awesome, loving and supporting one another through the process. Welcome to Metiza.

Selina Petosa Paige Bird

What’s with the name?

The name Metiza, while invented, does have roots in deep meaning. The strong position of the word Me and a nod to the latin Meta, meaning self referential, leads the name. It is followed by a creative interpretation of the word Metis, which means of mixed origin or race. This combination of factors results in a name that is unique, strong and memorable. The name celebrates the Me as an individual, and acknowledges we all come from diverse places and cultures and are ultimately all one beautiful human race.