Metiza is a positive online community focused on inspiring and encouraging young women to be their best selves in all their unique, talented, and beautiful glory. Our purpose is to instill a sense of purpose, confidence and love of authentic “self” into each and every person.

We feature relatable, real stories of substance focused on relationships, wellness, girl power, fashion, art and more. Every voice is important, valuable and worthwhile. Metiza hopes to let those voices shine.

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Our Story

Metiza came about through a conversation between a mother and daughter, commiserating about the bombardment and skewed “celebrity oriented” content being delivered to girls today. Content that unrealistically defines what’s beautiful, real, and meaningful, setting us up for inevitable failure by comparison. We wanted to start a new conversation, one that celebrates the extraordinary within the ordinary, featuring everyday girls doing everyday, amazing things. True, honest, authentic, awesome.

We knew young women had to be part of the conversation. They have a voice that is valuable, not just listening to advice from those who have been there, but sharing their own stories. Over 50% of the content on Metiza is created by our community, providing a space to express themselves in all kinds of ways. For their efforts, Metiza contributors are compensated for each article that is published.


The Metiza team is comprised of passionate writers, designers, marketers, strategists, teachers, counselors, health and spiritual professionals and a team of amazing advisors helping guide our way. We have an active teen advisory board who help make sure we are relevant, interesting and helpful. We are a diverse group of talented individuals with one thing in common, our passion for young women – and their power in the universe. When presented with unified hopeful messages, we run the world.

Real Life

While we are not the first magazine to claim a no Photoshop policy, we applaud Verily for that notable honor, we certainly believe in the policy and are committed to featuring real teens in all of their raw, honest, beautiful and untouched glory. We encourage the use of #RealLife and explore ways to integrate this concept into our overall editorial approach.

Giving Back

Metiza is dedicated to encouraging girls to be healthy, confident, thriving individuals. In our mission of helping girls realize their potential, for every dollar brands spend with Metiza, we donate half to non-profit organizations who support our mission.