Remember that feeling you got when your hands were full and someone held the door for you? Or when a stranger told you your outfit was on point? Maybe you got really lucky and your latte was paid for when you got through the drive thru line. It happens! Kindness comes in all shapes, sizes and moments. Some days it’s your math quiz being cancelled. It’s the little things right?

#MakeKindnessCool is a challenge that we bring to every Metiza reader with the goal to spread kindness, positivity, empathy and goodness to the world around us. Little acts of kindness are happening every day, everywhere and our goal is to highlight those, and get everybody asking the question, “What did I do today that was kind?”

One random act of kindness per day can change 365 lives.

Our challenge is simple. On Wednesdays post an act of kindness that you witnessed in your everyday life on social media and tag #MakeKindnessCool @MetizaMag We’ll be sharing these acts with the community in the hopes that making them visible will bring more kindness into the world! Trend Kindness? Now that’s amazing!

It’s that simple. Now go! Make the world a little better!


Kindness happening on Twitter