3 Facebook Groups You Need To Join ASAP

Facebook groups

Social media has given everyone a voice. Among those voices, the trolls and negativity seem to ring the loudest.  We have finally started to see more positive spaces open up for communities of people that want to connect on very basic levels. A few of my favorite communities are, surprisingly, on Facebook!

The Skinny Confidential

Created by lifestyle blogger Lauryn Evarts, The Skinny Confidential secret Facebook group is where you want to go for advice. The only thing that is off limits in this group is negativity. The women here are very collaborative, offering insight into anything they have knowledge on.

A lot of the discussions are fun from sharing your favorite Bachelor GIFs to talking about recent pop culture drama. Then there is the serious side. Many women come to this group for relationship advice when things turn south. They come here when the university of their dreams declines them and they need a little pep talk. Yet despite these rough moments that trickle in, the women in this group really make it a fun and positive place to be.

Blend and Swatch

This group was started by Allure Magazine and is your go to for any makeup and skin care needs. From trying to find the best drug store mascara to asking opinions on products you’re about to buy, it’s a beauty lovers heaven! I love this group so much. So many women post pictures of their daily make up looks here asking for advice. The fact that these women are comfortable posting their selfies in a group filled with strangers speaks for itself.

My favorite posts in this group come from a transgender woman who frequently shares her story. Recently, she credited this group for helping her live authentically and making her comfortable in her skin. If this beautiful story isn’t enough to make you join I’m not sure what is.

Into the Gloss: The Group

Emily Weiss started Into the Gloss as a way of peering into the medicine cabinets of  various people. Her website now offers tips and tricks on skincare for those more ingrained in that world. I’m talking about retinol, product ingredients, and high-end beauty recommendations.

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Their Facebook group operates in a similar fashion. Think of this as Blend and Swatch’s older, more experienced sister. Every once in a while, the groups moderators will throw in a beauty poll to mix things up. If you have skin care concerns, you can bet that someone in this group will know how to help. Now you can use that money you saved from skipping the dermatologist to buy more products.

Online communities are blossoming. Private Facebook groups created by publications are becoming the new norm, and I think this is just the beginning.

If you’re looking for a slice of positivity to rely on throughout your day, these three secret Facebook groups, along with Metiza of course, are it.

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