You Marched. Now What? 5 Ways to Turn Protest Into Action After #MarchForOurLives

On March 24, over a million people protested at March For Our Lives in D.C. and 800 sister marches around the country. Now, that momentum is needed more than ever to keep pushing forward and create real change. Here are just a few of the ways you can turn protest into action.

Attend a town hall

Following the success of March For Our Lives, student activists are pushing for a nationwide town hall event April 7 to bring representatives face-to-face with their constituents to discuss common sense gun legislation. March organizers are partnering with the Town Hall Project to bring town halls to as many districts as possible. Dozens have already been organized, with the event being aptly deemed “Town Halls for Our Lives.” To see if there’s a town hall happening near you, check out the Town Hall Project’s website.

Contact your representatives

Contacting your representatives is a crucial step in making your voice heard. It’s something we always say we will do, but never seem to get around to actually finishing. If you want to contact your representatives, but can never seem to find the time, Resistbot is for you. Resistbot is an easy tool, that, according to their website, enables you to “write to Congress in under 2 minutes” via text message. It’s straightforward and easy to use, allowing you to write to your representatives about any issue you want. Your text will be sent to your Congressperson through fax, or through email.

Register to vote

“Vote them out” was a common chant at March For Our Lives in D.C., and there’s a good reason. Voting is perhaps the best way to ensure your voice is heard. Vote out the people not representing your values, and vote in the people who do. With the 2018 midterm elections fast approaching, it is imperative that everyone who is eligible to votes gets registered. CNN put together a handy guide on how to register to vote in every U.S. state and territory. Show up to the polls, because your vote does count.

protest into action

Volunteer your time

For those of you feeling extra inspired by March For Our Lives and want to take action, there are plenty of ways to volunteer your time to help get common sense gun legislation passed on a local and national level. Hello Giggles put together a short list of just a few of the organizations in the U.S. advocating for gun safety at a local and national level. A few mentioned are The Brady Campaign, Everytown For Gun Safety, and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. Everytown and Moms Demand Action have state and even county chapters across the country that make it easy to get involved at the grassroots level.

Start a club at your school

If there isn’t already an organization within your community to get involved in, start your own! Starting a club at your high school or college can be a great way to bring together activists, and start creating change within your own community. Organize events, host guest speakers, and get the word out about common sense gun legislation. In whatever way (even small) that you can, get involved and make your voice heard. The time is now, and every vote, letter, phone call, email, and town hall counts. #NeverAgain.

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