The 9 Definitive Best Things about College Life

College life friends

Starting college is pretty scary no matter how excited you are. There’s a lot of unknowns and definitely a lot of changes, but this means that there are also a lot of good, different, and new things to experience. There’s new people, a new room, new classes and everything is different so I’ve narrowed it down to my top nine favorite things about College life.

1. You get to meet knew people that are probably really awesome.

Whether you are going to school an hour away from where you live or on the other side of the country, there’s a good chance that there’s not more than a handful of people going to the same school that you already know. You’ll be living with new people and taking classes with different groups of people each semester. Some of these people, honestly, you might never talk to again. But some of these people will become some of the best friends you have.

College Friends

2. Your friends live roughly 3 minutes away.

If not closer. There’s a decent chance that they’re in the same building, if not in the same suite or apartment that you are living in, which is great when it’s 2 a.m. and you need someone to talk to. There’s always somebody around. When I’m at home most of my friends live 20 minutes to an hour away. When I’m at school I can text the group message and be on our way to dinner 5 minutes later, a concept that’s practically impossible at home.

3. You can have class at whatever time of day you want.

With the exception of a few classes that I have taken I’ve been able to manipulate my schedule to my liking pretty well. Last year I didn’t have any classes before 10 a.m. This year I was able to schedule all of my classes when I wanted them with the exception of one class that was only being offered in one session.

4. The shopping’s not half bad.

Getting to decorate a new room is tons of fun. There’s more tapestry designs than you could possibly imagine and who doesn’t love posters and pictures covering an entire wall? I have string lights that line the ceiling like stars and white-board polka dots all over the inside and outside of the door for people to write me notes. Decorating a dorm room is a totally different experience than decorating your room at home, it’s fresh and new and can reflect your current interests and personalities.

College Dorm

5. You finally get to take classes that you want to take.

All through middle school and high school my friends and I constantly complained about how we were taking classes that we would never use again. Who needs four years of high school math if you’re going to major in English? And who needs advanced chemistry if you want to be an artist? Once you get into college it’s a lot easier to take classes that you want to be taking because they’re .in your field of study. Sure you might have general curriculum, but one semester of math and science, even as an English major, isn’t bad compared to four years packed with generic classes that we aren’t interested in.

6. There’s a place to get food no matter what time it is.

There’s always somewhere within 10 minutes where you can get food. Even if the campus doesn’t have anything open 24 hours a day there’s something around. We have Sheets and Wawa both less than 10 minutes off campus and late night Sheets runs to get macaroni and cheese and chicken tenders are a regular adventure.

College girls eating Dairy Queen

7. You can wear sweatpants all day, everyday.

Because nobody will care. People wear anything and everything to classes on a daily basis and nobody cares what you look like. People dye their hair blue and nobody cares. People wear shiny red crop tops and nobody cares. You can experiment with different styles and wear whatever makes you comfortable and confident, which is something that is rarely welcomed in high schools, because in college nobody cares! You can also get dressed up and wear a dress and nice shoes, or even heals, because nobody cares.

8. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what you want to do.

Barely anybody knows for sure what they want do. Even if they have been set on the same major since the time that they were eight, a lot of people change their major or change the purpose of their major during their time in college. When I started my freshman year I was positive that I would major in Biology, go to grad school for marine biology and ultimately study shark behavior. I took principles of biology during fall semester and hated it. It’s not that it was too hard (even though it was really hard), I just didn’t like it. I was bored and I knew within the first few weeks of the semester that it wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of the my life. I switched to English,  finished week six in my first two English classes, and I am certain that this is what I want to do.

9. You have a fresh start.

More than anything the best thing about college is that it’s a fresh start. You get to try new things, join clubs for things that you might never have heard of before. You get to make new friends and study things that you’ve been passionate about for years, or study things that you have a newfound interest in after reading a news article. You can go to parties and meet new people all the time and most importantly, you can be yourself. You can be whatever version of yourself that you like because you’re in a new place where there is no record of who you were in high school. Self five!