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Barcelona, Spain Terrorist Attack Leaves 19 Dead, Opens New Global Wounds

We offer words of wisdom and support.

The world is a scarier place than usual this week. Domestic wounds are only beginning to heal after a white supremacist-filled week in the US, but it’s more important than ever to stay woke on the international front. Today, it’s Spain who needs love and support.

Thursday evening, terror unfolded in Downtown Barcelona when a terrorist used a vehicle to mow down pedestrians. The driver plowed down the busy streets of Las Ramblas, a popular area for tourists, swerving back and forth through pedestrians. At least 13 people were killed and more than 100 injured in the incident, making it Spain’s deadliest terrorist attack in 13 years. Islamic terrorists claimed responsibility for the attack.

In a related attack early Friday morning, five men drove their vans through Cambrils, a coastal resort town in Spain. After killing one person and injuring multiple others, all five men died in a shootout with police. Officials say the men planned to do far more damage before police interfered.

The victims of the attack represented many different countries across the world. The dead and injured were from at least 34 different countries, including the US. Like the one in Spain, terrorist attacks often happen in popular tourist destinations. In Spain, especially, the impact was felt throughout the entire world. NPR honored the victims from some of the countries.

ISIS related terrorist attacks involving vehicles have been widespread since July 2016, when 84 people were killed by a vehicle in Nice, France. Germany and Britain suffered similarly horrific attacks in the following year; CNN provided a timeline of terrorist attacks involving vehicles since 2016.

As The New York Times noted, “the Barcelona carnage underscored how modern-day terrorism tends to be as international as it is indiscriminate.” It goes without saying that Metiza is a part of the global community that sends love and support to Spain. #StayStrongSpain

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