Being Undecided Isn’t a Bad Thing


We live in a world dead set on decisiveness.We expect younger generations to know what they want in life from a young age and to stick with those somewhat juvenile desires. There’s nothing wrong with knowing, full-heartedly what you want to do. But it’s time we stopped making people feel bad when they’re undecided.

Undecided is a dirty word in corporate America. It’s equated to laziness. How could you not know what you wanted before you hit college? You had 18 years to decide on an expensive four year course of action.

What we don’t take into account, or just refuse to acknowledge, is that we are ever evolving. Just because one day we knew what we wanted doesn’t mean that career or life choice will hold up forever.

When I was 11 years old, I knew I wanted to work in fashion. Since that epiphany, which was thanks to Tyra Banks, the involvement I wanted in fashion changed. I went from wanting to model to wanting to design clothes. After I realized I hated sewing and found out that fashion journalism was a legitimate day job, I was set.

Somewhere along the way though I found myself on the undecided path. At that point, all I knew was that I wanted to write. I questioned my degree, my capability and my future.

Being undecided is scary as hell but as cliché as it will sound, it’s a necessary journey to find out what you really want.

If you’re someone who has known since they were a child what they want to do and have carried that desire with you through the years, don’t feel bad. You aren’t contributing to this stigma around being undecided. Not talking about it built that stigma.

Not everyone will be a billionaire at 23 or own their own company at 30 and that’s okay! Being undecided gives you a permission of sorts to try an array of different things. Whether that’s random classes at your community college or applying for jobs out of your comfort zone.

It’s better to take time and figure out what you want to do rather than jumping into a career you hate.

We should stop making those who are undecided feel less than. Being undecided isn’t the same as being lazy. Frequently these people are holding down standard 9-5 jobs but that isn’t their dream.

Being undecided could simply be self-doubt. If you don’t believe in your abilities, you may be hesitant to pursue your dream. Or maybe there’s one aspect of your career choice that makes you nervous. Part of being undecided means you’ve got to confront your fears and concerns head on.

To anyone grappling with questions of your future or anyone dodging questions from others on what you plan to do after college, just relax. You’ll figure it out. In the meantime, enjoy the journey.