Bombas Encourages Us to Bee Better, Help the Homeless Bombas

Do you know what is the #1 most requested clothing item at homeless shelters? Socks. Something most people fail to think twice about, something many of you have had a surplus of your entire life (excluding laundry day).

This fact is the driving force behind Bombas, a company that “exists to help solve this problem, to support the homeless community, and to bring awareness to an under-publicized problem in the United States.” For every pair purchased, Bombas vows to donate a pair to a homeless shelter. With over 4.5 million pairs donated, the company promises that its giving and community efforts will continue to grow alongside its business. Pretty great, right?

Derived from the Latin word for bumblebee. Bees live in a hive and work together to make their world a better place. They’re small, but their combined actions have a big impact on the world. We like that. That’s why our mantra is bee better. We knit it on the inside of every pair of Bombas as a reminder that you helped someone in need with your purchase. And a reminder that little improvements can add up to make a big difference.

The socks themselves are incredibly comfortable, thick, and durable. Each pair has a honeycomb structure that supports the midfoot (a nod to the company name), which I’ve found also helps with circulation— and feels like your foot is being hugged!

Designed for Donation

Some may tend to be skeptical when hearing blunt, promising taglines such as “one pair purchased = one pair donated.”

Does Bombas actually donate the version of the sock they’re selling? The answer is no. Bombas donates a better version of the products they sell.

This rare concept is one that I hope catches on. Instead of being profit-driven, the company remains vision-driven— upholding loyalty to the betterment of the homeless community.

“Working closely with our giving partners, we engineered a sock to specifically meet the needs of people who don’t have the luxury of putting on a clean pair of socks every day. An anti-microbial treatment ensures they don’t need to be washed as often, and reinforced seams and darker colors give them greater durability with less visible wear.”


What are you waiting for? Go get some Bombas and warm your feet, your heart, and someone else’s feet— I can attest to their comfort 🙂