Choosing the Best Living Situation for You: A Guide to Apartments


To have roommates or to not have roommates, that is the question. Hunting for apartments can be an exhilarating experience: it’s one of the first steps to becoming a strong, independent woman! But if you’re like me, you will probably be weighing the pros and cons of the roommate and living situation. Never fear, because I have attempted to create every possible living situation scenario with their pros and cons for you (these are personal, so of course yours may differ a bit).

Living alone

After living with roommates, you might be ready to finally move out on your own. The pros of living on your own are that you’re your own boss! You decide when to do the dishes, how loud the music can be, when to have friends over…you’re the most independent. To add to that, you’re able to disengage and enjoy your “you” time anytime you want.

The cons of living alone are that you can get lonely sometimes. You also might face some trouble meeting new friends, as roommates are usually a great and easy source for friendships. Living alone can also be expensive. Make sure that while hunting for apartments you get an accurate estimate on utilities so you can account for those in your monthly budget!


Living with roommates you know

This category can be broken down a bit further with the bedroom situation–sharing a room or having your own private room–depending on the type of apartments you’re looking at. The pros of living with roommates you know and sharing a room with them is that you’re able to build your existing relationship. Sleepovers every night, chatting, and picking out cute matching decor! This option is also usually significantly cheaper.

The cons of this living situation is that you almost can’t get away from your roommate(s); they sleep, dress, and hangout in that room where you also do those things. It also is very dorm like, which means if wouldn’t be that usual “apartment” life feel. A potential con is also if your relationship with your roommate turns sour. I’d personally be hesitant to go with this living situation, but if you’re confident with your relationship with your potential roommate, go with it!

The pros of living with roommates you know and having your private room is that you’re still able to live with your friends, but you know have your own space to retreat to when you need some privacy. While it might not be as cheap as sharing a room, it’s still a great way to save money.

The cons of living with roommates you know and having your private room is that you might begin to feel trapped. If you don’t feel comfortable venturing out to the common areas during a friend’s study group or party, then your room will begin to go from a retreat to a prison.

Living with random roommates

Like the previous living with roommates situation, you can also choose to share a room or have your own. A lot of the pros and cons of this situation is very similar to what was discussed above, but with random roommates, there’s a bigger potential for the relationship to be awkward and uncomfortable and passive aggressive, especially if you start off on the wrong foot. On the other hand, living with random roommates has great potential for finding new friends and having a fresh start.

In general, the pros of living with roommates are that it’s the more social option, since you can form and build new relationships. It’s also usually the cheaper option. The cons with roommates are that there might begin to be some tension if your roommates don’t pull their weight with cleaning or other chores. The biggest con is probably the lack of privacy.

Whatever living situation you choose, just make sure that you feel comfortable! Also, check out this open letter to get excited about your apartment! If you’re planning to live with others, check out this roommate 101 guide.

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