College Major Not What You Bargained For? Change It Up!

College Major hero

Who doesn’t love shark week? When I was in high school, watching the Megalodon special, my mom said to me, “Caroline, you’ve got to find that shark.” A college major of marine biology seemed my destiny. I wanted to study shark behavior and work on how we can protect them, it was the only career that I’d ever thought about seriously.  However, it only took me about a month of being a science major for me to realize that that was definitely not what I wanted to be doing for four years, let alone the rest of my life. It was worth a shot though.

I knew that it was okay to change your college major, but I didn’t have a backup plan.

I had no idea what else I might want to do if I wasn’t going to do Marine Biology. I bounced around, took four more random classes in everything from Economics to Art History during my second semester. For about three hours I even considered Anthropology or Music before I changed my mind again. I seriously considered transferring to a school with more options, like business or marketing. It was a circus. Great thing is I was not alone in the process.

college major
I muddled through freshmen year clueless as to what I wanted to do, and then Metiza was launched.

I started writing, and while I didn’t write a lot at first it was instantly something that I enjoyed. Growing up I’d written on and off in a wide collection of journals and diaries that I look through now and laugh at, but I’d never been very consistent in what or how much I was writing. The number of unfinished journals that I have in my desk is outrageous.

When I started writing for Metiza I realized that not only was it a way for me to share my thoughts with other people and maybe even help somebody somewhere, but it also helped me a lot. Whether I am writing something to publish or just writing in my notebook it calms me down and helps me put myself together a little bit more. It relieves my stress.

I’ve always loved reading and writing seemed to come pretty naturally to me too.

Towards the end of spring semester, while talking with friends about how I had no plan for my life whatsoever, one asked what I enjoyed doing. My response was writing. I’ve always loved reading and writing seemed to come pretty naturally to me too. I decided that I wanted to give English a try.

Sophomore fall semester is coming to an end in a few short weeks and with it, my first two English classes that count as credit toward my college major.I didn’t declare at first because of my notorious history, but I am certain now that English my destiny. Who knows what it is that I’ll do with it, but I have two more years of college to figure that part out.

I was terrified last year  and completely positive that I wouldn’t graduate on time if I didn’t figure it out immediately. Everybody told me that I didn’t need to decide my college major right away. While I took my time, and maybe wasted some credits on classes, I know landed in just the right place.

The bottom line is, if you don’t have the slightest clue what you want to do, or even if you are positive then end up not so much once you get started, don’t stress out. You aren’t going to end up jobless and alone just because you didn’t declare a college major during your first semester of your first year. It will be okay, I promise. You learn so much more about yourself along the way.