How to Make DIY Resin Bracelets with Dried Flowers

resin bracelets

Forget braids – these DIY resin bangles are the new friendship bracelet. They’re sophisticated, they’re made with love, and they’re built to last… just like your friendship. Best part, you can mix and match the accessories, so each bracelet fits your BFFs’ styles!

DIY Resin Bracelets

What You’ll Need
Resin bracelet mold
Mold release spray
EasyCast Hardener and Resin
Nail file (or sandpaper)
Chopstick (for mixing)
Accessories (dried flowers, sweetheart candies, etc)
Tools for measuring out liquid (preferably tablespoon measure)
Small receptacle to mix resin and hardener

resin bracelets

1. Spray your resin bracelet mold with mold release spray
2. Measure out even amounts of resin and hardener (I used 2 tablespoons of each)
3. Sprinkle with glitter and mix with a chopstick
4. Fill mold halfway with your mix
5. Load your accessories (ex: flowers/candy/buttons)
6. Fill mold completely and let dry for 24 hours on a level surface
7. Wash your mixing containers immediately otherwise mix will get stick, and harden! (I recommend using disposable cups if you have and just throw them away after!)
8. After 24 hours, pop your bracelet out of mold. It will take about 3 minutes to carefully loosen all parts of bracelet from mold
9. Using a nail file or sandpaper, even out the edges of your bracelet
10. Make some for your friends and/or rock with your favorite outfit!