Finals Study Tips

finals study tips

Finals is a stressful time for everybody, but study tips make them seem to go by a lot faster. I could say the usual “don’t wait until the last minute,” but those have been said and heard. These are the tried and true techniques that help me when I sit down to study for finals, and hopefully, they will help you as well.

1.Make a schedule

Finals study tips
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One week before finals, I grab two blank sheets of paper and make a blank week chart on both. I like to do it by hand because I’m picky about how I like to block out my time and it’s just easier for me to do visualize it. I start with my finals week chart – I plan out when my finals are and at what times so I know which ones I have more time to study for. When I’m done just charting out the dates and times of my finals, I make a study schedule for the next week. I try to be flexible with it and allow myself room to change it up. One thing I make sure to do is to write in time for me to relax. I can’t handle a solid week of studying without a few hours here and there to unwind.

2. Start with the easier finals

Start with the finals you don’t need as good of a grade on to get your desired overall letter grade. I always go to a finals calculator website and calculate out what I need on the final so I can plan out the finals I don’t need to spend time on. I get those out of the way first – I make quizlets or flashcards for them first so I can spend just a few hours right before the finals reviewing.

3. Be realistic

If you need a 95% on a final to get an A, it might be time to accept that B. I’m not one to accept defeat, but I know when something’s most likely not going to happen. Of course, if it’s a class you know you can do really well on and need an A, by all means, focus your energy there. But for most classes, getting an A on a final is unlikely and its best to channel your energy to on something else.

4. Know your study habits

I’ve learned over the years that I can only study in my house for so long. After a few hours, I need a change of scenery. I also know that I cannot study unless I have something playing in the background. Know yourself. Are you an auditory learner? A visual learner? Do you like flashcards or study guides? Do you like to look at things on a screen or do you need paper notes? Are you a night owl or an early bird? All of these things are important and can make the studying process go smoother.

5. Allow yourself time to recuperate

finals study tips
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Don’t pack every second of your day with studying. Give yourself a couple hours to collect your thoughts and recover from a long study session. Studying is hard work. You’re bent over a desk, you’re straining your eyes, and you’re filling your head with information from months ago. Be kind to yourself and don’t burn yourself out.