Finals Week: A Play-by-Play in Procrastination

finals week, coffee cup pile

So as I’m sure for most of us it’s almost the end of the semester. This means for many of us the wonderful combination of goodness we all look forward to: the peak of holiday season and finals week! How lucky are we, right? In the interest of avoiding studying, as you do, I thought I’d take you all on this fabulous journey with me, at least for one night. Brace yourself.

‘Twas The Night Before Finals Week

9:42 pm:
Oh hey there, I am going on my 10th straight hour in the library (with the exception of a half hour dinner break) and there is no end in sight. I feel like I’m losing my mind so I figured, why not write about it. It’s the second week in December and if you’re in college (possibly in high school too?) then that means it’s also finals week. Tomorrow is day one of finals at my school. The library is the busiest it has been all semester. I’ve moved at least three times, sat with multiple combinations of people, and had a large, triple espresso coffee in the 10 hours that I’ve been here. I’ve almost fallen asleep on two separate occasions. Yay finals!

10:07 pm:
I finally finished my study guide for my first exam. Time to take a break. I was going to work on the draft of my lit paper, but instead we are seeing if we can knock over stacks over empty coffee cups by blowing on them from different distances around the room. Science. Physics?

10:13 pm:
Apparently one of the coffee cups wasn’t completely empty and now there is coffee on the table… whoops. Back to work!

10:32 pm:
I finished the introductory paragraph of my lit paper and got very excited. Then my friends made fun of me for how excited I was. What they don’t know is that I’ve been working on that paragraph for 4 days. Don’t tell them. #finals

10:45 pm:
Now we are planning spring break…

11:06 pm:
Hour 11 in the library: it’s a party. I have officially finished 1/4 of my final lit paper so it is back to studying for my sociology exam. T-15 hours until the test.

12:16 pm:
I am finally back in my room for the first time in almost 30 hours. Time to take a Netflix break and get some packing done before I finish my studying for tonight.

1:25 am:
I am finally off to bed and in about 6 hours I will be up again to keep studying for my sociology exam, yay for finals! Am I right?

1:28 am:
Just kidding I just found more articles that I have to read for my exam… what is my life.

1:37 am:
I have officially given up for the night because I am falling asleep on my computer.

‘Twas The Day of My First Final

10:00 am:
Surprise surprise I overslept and I am just now starting to study again. T-4 hours until my exam!

5:45 pm:
Well friends, I finished my exam and I am officially exhausted, but what’s new. Now I’m off to finish that pesky lit paper that I was working on.

I hope you enjoyed this little excursion into a normal, or not so normal, night of finals week for a college student. If you need another run down on how to avoid studying/what is finals anyway, check out Heidi’s account of her writing an essay in one night library adventure. Have a story of your own? Share it! We have to stick together. In procrastination, we find our people. Until next time Metiza Girls, good luck on all of your finals!