Good Girls Review

Good Girls

Good Girls isn’t exactly a new show on Netflix. It’s been out since February 2018 and already set to release its 3rd season in 2020. But since I’ve started watching it, it’s pretty much all I can think about. I absolutely adore nearly every aspect of the show. 

Good Girls quickly became that perfect show for me that I could watch when I’m sad, bored, tired, or feeling down. It makes me laugh, it inspires me, it does everything a good show should do. 

It follows three mothers, Beth, Annie, and Ruby, who all need a lot of money very quickly for their own individual reasons. And they turn to the only natural source – working for a money laundering gang. 

Beth’s (played by Christina Hendricks) husband is a terrible human being who deserves to rot in hell. He blew all of their money on bad investments, one of them being another woman. So Beth, the amazing and strong woman she is, knows it’s up to her to save her family. 

Annie (played by Mae Whitman) is a wonderful mother to her child. But she’s trying to fight against her ex who is suing her for custody. Annie needs money to be able to hire a lawyer who can fight against him and his rich wife in court. 

Ruby (played by Retta) needs the money to pay for her daughter’s surgery. She and her husband are doing everything they can to make ends meet, but it’s never enough. But it shows that they are wonderful parents who try their best to not put a financial burden on their children. 

The show starts when they accidentally fall into contact with a gang and to make up for their mistakes, they have to pick up some counterfeit money. But Beth has the idea to continue working with them so all of them can get the money they need. 

The show is such a wholesome depiction of female friendship where they will sacrifice themselves for the others, are there for each other when they need them most, and can joke and laugh exactly when they need an escape from their criminal activity. 

Good Girls deals with issues that are almost never talked about. When Beth tells her husband that she’s not going to play the role of the happy little housewife that greets him when he comes home and doesn’t ask any questions, he informs her that she’s never had a serious job and that the only thing she really knows how to do is be a mother and a wife. 

It had my blood boiling that this sorry excuse of a human being can betray his family in the worst way possible and still have the guts to criticize his wife. But Beth got her just desserts at the end. 

The show’s writing is amazing. It manages to weave something depressing and funny into one scene so it never gets so heavy it becomes difficult to watch. Writing a scene like that is so difficult because you have to toe that line of keeping things light but not so light as to dampen the meaning behind the scene. 

It’s beautifully written and works together flawlessly. I commend the writers of this show. 

And how could I forget? The sexy as sin gang leader, Rio. The second he walked on screen, I knew he would make me feel things. I know he’s a terrible person. I know that he has done terrible things. But I can’t help but love him. 

It’s the small things he does that make me love him so much. Beth’s husband always treated her like a housewife, almost like she needed him and not the other way around. It wasn’t until he found out about her criminal behavior that he started seeing her as the capable woman she is. 

But Rio always knew that about her. He never treated her differently just because she was a woman. I don’t know about anyone else, but I would rather be with someone that hated everyone than be with someone who hated half the population for something that’s out of their control. 

Rio respected Beth, Ruby, and Annie. He needed someone to get a job done and understood that they were the best ones for it. 

I love Good Girls. I recommend it to anyone who wants a show that will make you proud to be a woman.