HAIM’s New Music Video for ‘Want You Back’ is Every Valley Girl’s Dream

want you back

In their new music video for the single “Want You Back,” HAIM lived out a dream that every Valley girl didn’t even know they had. The sisters got to walk/dance down Ventura Boulevard and no cars were in sight. If you’re from Los Angeles, and more specifically, from the San Fernando Valley, Ventura is a hub for walking and driving commuters alike. For those who don’t know, it’s a large East-West running street that spans 18 miles, the world’s longest avenue of contiguous businesses, and it’s always busy. It’s likely that you’ve even heard of this famous boulevard by way of the song “Free Fallin’ ” – either the original by Tom Petty or John Mayer’s acoustic version.

Now that you have an idea of the vastness that is Ventura Blvd., you should know that it plays an integral part in the daily life of someone who lives or grew up in the Valley (aka HAIM and me!). This is the street I learned to drive on, the road that brought me to practically every school I ever went to (when LA freeway traffic was brutal), and where the movie theatre resides that gave me my first job. While it’s clear Ventura Boulevard (or VB as my parents call it – they’re into abbreviations) has played an important role in my life, the memories I identify with it most are when I came back from college over break. I hung out with friends and then drove down Ventura late at night, listening to music. It was the best.

To be honest, watching the Haim sisters walk through it early in the morning gave me chills. Mostly due to the feeling of nostalgia, but also because that is bad ass! I can only imagine that Ventura played a similar role in Este, Danielle, and Alana’s lives as it did in mine. It’s truly a symbolic part of every Valley girl (or boy’s) life, and their choice to make it the central part of this simple music video was perfect.

HAIM – Want You Back (Official Video)

Look out for HAIM’s sophomore album, Something To Tell You, July 7!