Reality Check. High School Is NOT Everything.

high school

Now that the 2017 school year is over, most of us turn to reflect on the past several months. Some of us will look at these past years in joyous recollection, while others will not even waste another second with the thought of this school. The important thing to remember, of course, is that none of this really matters anyway.

We all stress so much about who we are and what other people think about us, but the reality of the situation is that no one will care  about it a year after we have left. High school is the time in our lives when we try to find ourselves, whatever that means, but who we are during this time is not who we will be forever.

Who we are during this time is not who we will be forever.

I get it, it’s hard to look past these four years and understand that you have the rest of your life ahead of you. Sometimes high school just feels like it is everything and it is hard to see beyond all of the drama and stress that comes with it. However, what many students fail to realize is that the problems that you face now will not be problems in a couple of years.

This just goes to show that yes, you can and you will survive high school. Sure, it can be a scary place and at times kids feel the need to act a certain a way or fit in a certain group. The truth is, there are no expectations for who you are supposed to be besides those you make for yourself. So be whoever you want to be because who is really going to care in five years?

The social aspect of high school is its own uphill battle.

There is no doubt that kids stress out all of the time over whether or not they were invited to this person or that person’s party, or if they are a part of the “popular”crowd. It is important to recognize that life is full of many other parties and many other crowds of people–some of which you will love and some you will hate.

Regardless, high school is temporary.

Most of the people that you meet during these four years, you will never talk to or see again. Who knows where they will end up? The point is, the kid who threw that huge party that you did not get invited to should not have any influence on the rest of your life. You are so much bigger than high school, remember that.

Some of us would like to think of these years as “the best four years of your life” without considering the fact that this honestly just the beginning of bigger, better things to come. Teenagers in high school are still developing the parts of their brain that correlate to their ability to let go, move on, and mature. This makes it rather difficult for kids to understand that current situations will most likely have no impact on the future and it is in their best interest to simply move on.

It is so easy for teens to get caught up in the idea that high school is what the real world is, but I can honestly say, as a high school student myself, that life is so much more than gossip, parties, cliques, and endless drama. None of that stuff truly matters in the real world, and I think that is something we all should try to understand.

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