How To Support March for Our Lives If You Can’t Go On Saturday

support march for our lives

On March 24th, The March for Our Lives movement is jumping off of our computer screens and into our local streets. So many students that participated in the National School Walkout earlier this month to protest school shootings and gun violence, but on Saturday this movement will become even larger. There are over 800 marches planned across the country, including the march on Washington D.C.. But if you can’t make it to your local protest this weekend, there are still several ways you can help support March for Our Lives and the movement.

Help others make signs and prepare supplies

If you can’t attend a March, you can always help your friends that are planning on participating. Anything from helping them research for, and decorate their signs to packing them a few extra waters for the March can help. Read more here on how to make a protest sign effective and not tacky.

Teen Vogue suggests that when helping your friends get ready for the protest you should pack snacks, a backup phone battery/charger, and a Sharpie to write down emergency contact numbers on your arm if necessary.

support march for our lives

You can call your representative’s office and tell them that we need gun control, now.

Currently there are safety school bills being discussed in both the House and the Senate, however neither of these bills includes any form of gun control. Tell your representative that they are not doing enough to keep you or your children safe at school. Find your representative here and contact them via email and phone. You can even leave them messages on their public Facebook page or Tweet at them directly. Your voice matters and these people work for you!

You can also push for better legislation by signing a slew of petitions. Sign the March for Our Lives petition here and join almost 300,000 other people who believe in the cause.

Can’t get through to your representatives/don’t get a response that you like?

Register to vote as soon as you can and be prepared when their reelection cycle happens. Educate yourself on the candidates and find one that will accurately represent you and your best interests. As said before, it is their job to represent what matters to their constituents. They work for the people.

Donate to others trying to get to D.C.

There are many school groups, activists and individuals that are trying to get to D.C. to march with the thousands of others that are fed up with school violence. However, flights to D.C. aren’t cheap and neither is staying in the city. Help these citizens both young and old fight for safer schools by donating to their GoFundMe’s or YouCarings.

Educate yourself on the topic

The biggest change we’re going to see in the short run is during one-on-one conversations. Educate yourself on the gun laws that exist now and become aware of what you think could actually make a difference in both our country and our schools. Speak to your parents, your peers and your educators to help them understand where you are coming from and perhaps change their opinion in the process.

Education is what helps these movements get larger and more effective.

Use social media to broaden your voice

You can share your opinions on the matter, tweet pictures of the signs you’ve made and even send pictures of the march if it happens to pass by you. Social media is a huge tool that can not only spread the message of March for Our Lives, but the messages of gun reform as well. Some of the most important ways to target your tweets are to use the trending hashtag #NeverAgain as well as tagging the March for Our Lives account. Feel free to tag @MetizaMag in any photos or updates you may happen to have!

Just because you can’t make the March, does not mean that you do not have an important voice. Go forward and use it, the future depends on it.

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