Female Kicker K-Lani Nava Makes Texas High School Football History

K-Lani Nava

Let’s talk about badass women. From speaking out about sexual harassment to reminding us that supporting one another is the first step to making the future female, we are killing the game this year, and we’re taking over 2018, too. Even as 2017 comes to a close we still have reasons to celebrate every day, like Texas high school football kicker K-Lani Nava being the first female to score in a University Interscholastic League (UIL) state title game. As a senior, it was not only her last game of the season, but of her high school football career, and she went out in style.

Nava’s team, the Strawn Greyhounds, defeated the Balmorhea Bears 78-42 at Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium to win the Texas Class 1A Division II Six-Man title. (Ahem, Six-Wo[Man]). She helped Strawn finish with a perfect 16-0 season, even scoring 9 extra points to give her team that extra push they needed to win.

The best part about all this–besides her obvious triumph–is that she had an amazing support system behind her:

“It’s a big deal. Very big deal,” her uncle, Tito Nava, said with a proud smile. I’m here to see the best kicker in six-man football.”

Her mom wasn’t even worried about her playing with boys twice her size, she had confidence in her daughter from the start.

“The first game she ever played, the very first time she ever stepped out on that field, after a bad snap she got laid out. She popped up, and I was like, ‘She can handle this,'” Christie Nava said.

Her family hopes that K-Lani’s victory helps pave the way for girls all over the world, giving them proof that girls can do anything they set their minds to. Confidence is key, ladies!

“It shows them that they can do anything. A small town girl like K-Lani can make history, maybe they can, too.”

Congratulations to K-Lani Nava and the Strawn High School team for making history!

Source: www.nbcfw.com 

Photo from Business Insider