Hidden Gems on Netflix

hidden gems on netflix

We all love to watch Netflix. But how many times have you sat there scrolling through the pages upon pages of movies and TV shows available, not being able to find anything and spending more time searching than watching? Here’s a list of some hidden gems on Netflix that you can binge at your leisure.


Catch Me If You Can

A young Leonardo DiCaprio is a con man and Tom Hank’s is trying to catch him. If you want to watch the true story of how a teenager became a pilot, doctor, and lawyer, all before he turned twenty, watch this movie and be amazed.

The Princess Bride

A classic that I grew up watching. There’s romance between Princess Buttercup and her long lost love, a group of three misfits, and several ridiculous antics. If you like the Middle Ages and cult classics, this one is for you.

hidden gems on netflix
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Do you want to watch something creepy? Well, Creep is perfect for you. This movie is in the “found footage” category, meaning it’s filmed like it was filmed with a video camera you’d buy at Best Buy for a couple hundred dollars. Follow a guy who answers an online ad on an adventure into following another guy’s requests.


A documentary that’s really well done about, well, minimalism. It follows the lives of minimalists and the idea behind the movement.

hidden gems on minimalism

The Mummy

I grew up watching this one too. If you are fascinated by ancient Egypt, this movie is a great adventure film set in the 1940’s when treasure hunting was all the rage. Kind of like the Indiana Jones movies, but set in Egypt and not as long.


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Love it. Witchcraft, strong female leads, engaging story lines. Follow Sabrina as she tries to balance her life in the witching world and the human world. Netflix originals are getting better and better, let me tell you.

Big Mouth

Another Netflix original. If you’re thinking, “why would I want to watch an animated show about kids in middle school”, I was right there with you. The humor is witty, the characters are relatable, and the cast is full of hilarious comedians.

hidden gems on netflix
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How to Get Away with Murder

If you’ve already binged Scandal and Grey’s, try this other Shonda Rhimes show. We follow a law professor who selects a group of her best students to help her with a murder case.

The Final Table

Like cooking? There are ten teams of two who compete to have the best dish, which is like every other cooking show. The fun twist is that in each round, the team has to cook dishes from different countries, like Mexico, India, and Japan. In the final round, the remaining teams split up and it’s a head to head battle for a seat at, you guessed it, the final table with other world renowned chefs.

hidden gems on netflix

Peaky Blinders

A great British period piece about the gangs in the early 1900’s. There’s crime, passion, and a family who rises from rags to riches. If you liked Boardwalk Empire or anything else gangster related, this show is for you.

There are so many great movies on Netflix that part of the fun is hunting for them. But maybe if you want to get right down to it, this list will help you. Enjoy!