How to Campaign Like a Boss

how to campaign

Congratulations on your decision to run for a position in student government or any other executive board position in an extracurricular activity! As someone who just went through the campaign process, here are some tips for spreading your name and platforms to your peers. Happy campaigning!

Know your goals

Why are you running for this position? Why do you think you make the best candidate? These are the initial questions you should ask yourself in order to dig deep into what your goals are once you have this position. Knowing the answers to these questions allows you to stay focused and motivated, while also showing the voters your values and what you hope to achieve.

how to campaign

Come up with a catchy slogan and a design for your materials

Get creative here! Having a catchy slogan is the single most important way to get people to notice your posters (I mean did you see the avocado pun poster?) and actually read them. Having a unique slogan and design also helps you stand out to voters. I like to use Canva to create my campaigning materials, since they offer free accounts and hundreds of templates to choose from.

Get creative! Via

Utilize different campaigning platforms

Posters are the tried and true method for campaigning, but with the recent rise of social media, why not take your campaigning there? You can post an Instagram story, make a Facebook page, post videos to YouTube, or do anything else you think voters will see and like. The most important thing, regardless of on what platform you’re campaigning on (it could even be a mix of a couple things), is to make sure your content is seen a ton.

Go out and talk to people

It can be daunting, but the best way to get your name out there is to talk to other people. By talking to voters, you have the chance to show them who you are and what your goals are, and they have the chance to talk to you about what they want to see from their representative. Need an ice breaker? Maybe have a friend introduce you to people in the club or sport that they’re in. Of course, people also love getting free things, especially food, so handing out cookies or candy while meeting voters can be a great way to connect and minimize the initial awkwardness.

Go out there and talk to your voters.

Be yourself!

Show everyone what you believe and why you believe in yourself. Remember to choose campaign tactics and platforms that mean something to you, not just what everyone else is promising. Be your unique self and show people why they should vote for you!