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It’s Time To Lay The ‘Crazy Feminist’ To Rest

Modern day feminism is anything but crazy

There’s been a lot of change within the landscape of feminism. White women are finally being called out on a larger scale for only supporting white feminism. Intersectional feminism is on the rise and the sisterhood is getting stronger. Yet despite this positivity within the movement, the outside world still subscribes to the ‘crazy feminist’ archetype.

As we got further into the Holidays, articles were surfacing over Facebook claiming feminists were angry about Santa’s gender. The debate over ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ was also ever present.

 On top of this, the discussion on how ‘un-equal’ the feminist movement is persisted with examples of male hate being shared by angry users.

I know Facebook is not the most reliable source for information. Even if this is fake news, someone took time to create this message and disperse it. The people that resonated with this message then shared it.

I’ll admit, I use to also believe in the ‘crazy feminist’ archetype. I never even considered myself to be a feminist until about 5 years ago or so. But through my journey of figuring out what kind of feminist I am and then discovering intersectional feminism, I was able to realize how beautiful the movement really is.

Mainstream feminism, in my opinion, is focusing on injustice. Feminists don’t hate men. Many men are allies. What feminists do hate is the fact that men get paid more than women for the same job. There’s a difference.

We’re worried about the injustice against other women. The teenage girl who was held in ICE custody and refused an abortion. The fact that Brock Turner received basically no punishment for sexually assaulting a woman. That Jacob Walter Anderson only had to pay a $400 fine after raping a woman. No jail time. That Brett Kavanaugh was put on the Supreme Court after Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s emotional testimony.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately a lot of the cases we saw in mainstream media focused only on white women. There were undoubtedly more injustices committed against women of color and other minority women that received little to no air-time.

 That is not okay.

The Women’s March and the Female Collective are probably two of the best examples of feminism in action. Both websites have taken time to support all women and allies. They’ve also fought for just plain justice for everyone.

I hope that we can leave behind this ‘crazy feminist’ idea as we go into 2019. That idea is about as outdated as the idea that certain toys can force gender stereotypes.

I hope that in 2019 we see more women supporting all women regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, religion and any other intersecting identity.

We are stronger together and by working together we can reach a larger audience

Let’s leave this ‘crazy feminist’ stereotype in 2018 where it belongs and start supporting and fighting for all women.

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