When You Learn to Code, The World Is Your Oyster!

So you want to learn to code? Awesome! Coding is a great skill to have and it is fun to learn. In fact, even elementary school students are now learning beginning coding concepts in school and they even have baby books for it!

There are a lot of wonderful, free resources that you can use to learn how to code on your own:

  • Codeacademy: I first learned Python through Codeacademy. What I love about Codeacademy is how well things are explained and how many different coding languages there are to learn.
  • CODE: While I haven’t used this website extensively, I hope to more! The games seem super fun, especially CodeCombat where you learn Javascript or Python through a video game!
  • Khan Academy: I am a huge Khan Academy fan. I always find that their videos are really well done and helpful. In addition to many other subjects, they have videos about computer programming which teach you how to code!

So maybe you have completed a class or two online and are ready to take your coding skills to the next level. What’s next?

1. If you are in high school, check out Girls Who Code. This organization runs a 7-week Summer Immersion Program which focuses on computer science and provides you with a ton of networking, learning and mentorship opportunities! Many high schools also offer AP Computer Science classes. If your school does, see if you can add it to your schedule for next year!

2. ChickTech is another great option for high schoolers. They focus on making engineering fun and exciting for girls with a comprehensive year-long program starting each November. You can also get involved by joining one of their local chapters which provide hands-on workshops in robotics, web programming, gaming, and building computers. And the best part is they’re free to participants!

3. If you are in college, take a computer science class if you can. Find out what the different options are and find something that sounds interesting to you!

Coding, just like any other subject, can be daunting at first. But, don’t be afraid! With practice and attention, anyone can learn to code. The world of coding is your oyster. There are so many languages to learn and cool things to build! Take advantage of all that computer science has to offer.