3 Healthy + Festive Holiday Breakfast Recipes

This time, it's ok to play with your food!

One of the best parts about the holidays is all the great food. But after one too many latkes or sugar cookies, you might find yourself craving something healthy. Healthy can still be festive though when you make one of our three holiday breakfast recipes! Using your favorite pancake or oatmeal recipe, fresh fruit and a touch of whipped cream, you can wow your whole family with these adorable breakfast dishes!

Holiday Breakfast Recipes

Penguin Oatmeal

1. Make your favorite flavor of oatmeal (the thicker the better).
2. Allow the oatmeal to cool just a bit before placing some into the center of a plate.
3. Surround the oatmeal with fresh blueberries, adding extra on the side for penguin wings.
4. Garnish with orange slices for a mouth and feet and a hat made from a strawberry and mini marshmallows.

Holiday Breakfast Recipes, penguin

Santa Pancakes

1. Make a batch of your favorite pancakes.
2. To create Santa’s face, slice bananas for his beard and use spray whipped cream and raspberries for a hat and nose.
3. A large marshmallow and a purple grape cut in half create Santa’s eyes.

Holiday Breakfast Recipes, Santa

Winter Owl Pancakes

1. Make a batch of your favorite pancakes.
2. For the owl’s hat, use fresh raspberries and spray whipped cream.
3. Banana slices and two chocolate chips or a small purple grape cut in half work well for eyes.
4. Cut apples slices make birdie wings and a scarf.
5. Finish him off with a nose and feet using orange segments.

Holiday Breakfast Recipes, Owl






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