4 Books I Can’t Wait to Read

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To me, there is nothing worse than not having time to read a good book. Yet, that’s my life during the 16-week semesters. While I may not have time to read, I still go out of my way to buy quite a few books. Some may call it hoarding but that’s beside the point. As this semester comes to an end, I’ve been making a mental list of the books I’m dying to read. Here are the four books on my list.

by Stuart Turton

I ordered this book the moment I read the summary. Think of it as a Clue-styled book, if you haven’t watched the movie please do so now, mixed with Groundhog’s Day. Our main character will keep reliving the day Evelyn died until he can find out what truly happened to her. The catch? He will relive her death through the bodies of eight separate witnesses to try and get the whole picture.

by Victoria Helen Stone

Jane has an ordinary life. She fits in, does her best to look put together. Her timid personality attracts the eye of Steven Hepsworth, a manager at the insurance company she works for. But Jane has a secret she’s hiding, and no one is safe. Least of all Steven.

by Aimee Molloy

A group of moms whose babies were born in the same month forms an inseparable group. They meet twice a week without their babies for a much needed break. But when they break from this routine and opt to go to a bar instead one child goes missing, starting a chain of events that will test relationships and reveal long-hidden secrets.

by Amina Akhtar

Follow Anya St. Clair as she works her way through success at a fashion magazine. She soon becomes obsess with co-worker Sarah Taft who is described as a ‘walking editorial spread’. But when they are both up for the same promotion, Anya shifts from wanting to be Sarah’s friend to wanting to beat her. She’ll do anything to get that promotion.

As we approach the holidays, there’s nothing better than cozying up with a great book. I hope one or all of these keeps you occupied in the months to come!


Davyn is a journalism student at Arizona State University. During her free...