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Many of us spend a lot of time commuting and with the holidays approaching that commuting time is likely to increase. Sure, you could listen to music the whole time, which I’m a fan of. But why not take this treasure trove of time and make it really worth it? I’m a huge podcast junkie and if I’m being honest, I like listening to them more during my drive than I like listening to music.  I’ve found some really good gems to listen to and now I want to share those podcasts with you to make your drive just that much better.

GirlBoss Radio

I’m not as much of an avid listener to this podcast as I once was. Typically, I’ll tune in for special guests, like my career spirit animal Joanna Coles. This podcast though is nothing short of inspiring. If you need a pick me up or are curious about how other women made their paths in their respective field then this is the podcast for you.

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I hate when people say it takes a few episodes to get into anything. If I’m not hooked right away, then what’s the point? This is how Tanis started out for me. Because I had listened to previous podcasts done by the same company, I was more forgiving in its slow start and if you pick this podcast, you should be too. If you like mythology, mysteries, and secret societies then you have to listen to this ASAP. The show was created by Pacific Northwest Stories and they have a whole catalog of other shows you will get addicted to.

addictive podcasts

Uncover: Escaping NXIVM

True crime is hands down my favorite podcast genre. This probably fit in some sub-genre of true crime as the host follows his friend who just escapes what she calls a cult. Recently, NXIVM made headlines as its leader Keith Raniere was arrested and accused of running a sex cult. This podcast follows Sarah Edmondson after she shares her story of being branded in DOS, a secret group in NXIVM, and comes to terms with the red flags she overlooked.

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This is the podcast I have followed for the longest time. I’m a fan of unordinary stories, especially when they deal with paranormal or mythological events. Every two weeks this podcast explores topics that will make you question what you thought to be true.

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Long Story Short with Bobbi Brown

One thing we love here at Metiza is strong, badass women and that’s exactly who Bobbi Brown is. She talks about all things from entrepreneurship, a woman’s path to success, and  other stories from the interesting people she’s met along the way. This podcast is perfect for anyone who’s been a fan of Bobbi herself or just wants a little career advice.

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The Long Distance Love Bombs Podcast

Dr. Jeremy Goldberg is all about making kindness cool again. His podcast will provide you deep-dive discussions with friends and others he finds inspiring in hopes of changing your perspective to a more compassionate one.

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Created by another one of my career spirit animals, Christene Barberich, focuses on the different aspects of life from love to work and everything in between. With inspirational guests such as Aly Raisman and Tess Holliday, this podcast is bound to empower you.

addictive podcasts

I could go on for hours recommending you podcasts but your eyes would glaze over by the time I was finished. I hope that if you listen to any of these that they fill your time in the best of ways.


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