4 Underrated Friendship Dates for You and Your Besties

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As much as I love romantic dates, things like expensive dinners and sappy movies with my S-O, I love dressing cute, taking pictures, and going out with my close friends just as much. Friendship dates are just as crucial as dates with your significant other. As easy as it is to see your friends over dinner or coffee, you owe it to yourselves and your relationship to try new, adventurous things, just as you would in a romantic relationship.

Let’s talk about the best kinds of friendship dates you can go on with BFF’s.
Friendship Date #1: Go Shopping

It may seem like an obvious one, but I firmly believe the best people to go shopping with are your friends. They’ll give you honest opinions about whether or not you should buy the things you try on. Also, totally saves the time sending the pics from the dressing room! Plus, have you ever been shopping alone and found something that didn’t look great on you or wasn’t your style, but immediately thought of a friend who could rock it? Problem solved.  It’s a great way support one another positively, and even if you don’t end up buying anything, you’ll have fun getting to browse the aisles with a buddy.

friendship dates shopping

Friendship Date #2: Get Creative

Being artsy with your friends is always fun, and it helps you appreciate the creativity, expression, and talent of one another. One of the best friendship dates I ever had was picking out canvas and paint at a craft store, and then later making actual paintings with the same friend.

Friendship dates are perfect for crafting together. You could try anything from scrapbooking, meticulously decorating baked goods, or making homemade soaps.  Go to places to paint pottery, make clay ceramics, or even checking out art museums and independent movie theaters are creative and refreshing date ideas you can pursue with a friend.

Friendship dates art

Friendship Date #3: Treat Yo Selves

As much as I love getting mani-pedis, going alone just isn’t as fun. It’s nice to have a friend sit beside you so you can chat while you’re getting glammed up. Even if you want to skip the nail salon to save money, have a friend over and create a personal spa. Besides, it’s nearly impossible for me to paint my own nails without getting polish over my skin, so paint each other’s nails, make DIY face masks out of common grocery ingredients. Allie’s got some great ideas. Watch a relaxing, enjoyable movie or TV show together. Doing little things to take care of yourself can make you feel energized, clean, and refreshed. Chances are, you want your friends to feel this way, too, so get together and have fun treating yo’ selves.

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Friendship Date #4: Study Dates (last but definitely not least)

This may sound boring and lame, or like you’re not going to get anything done, but I’ve personally found that studying with friends can contribute to me feeling both more productive and less stressed. Grab a table at the library, a coffee shop, or even just see if they want to hangout in the comfort of your bedroom so you can do homework together. Nobody motivates and inspires me better than my friends, and this applies to even my smallest school assignments. Additionally, studying together is a really good way to beat, “I wanna hangout soon, but I have so much schoolwork to do!” Get together, grab your preferred caffeinated beverage, and work work work work work.

There are endless things you can do with your friends, no matter how much time or money you have readily available. The most important thing is enjoying one another’s company and having fun, but hopefully you get to beat your routine every once and while and go on an interesting, creative, and novel friendship date.