Upgrade Your Zombie Beyonce Level with FX Makeup Artist Elizabeth Fox

beyonce level zombie

It’s time to Upgrade Ya… lemme Upgrade Ya. Yes, we are talking Beyonce Level Zombie time. Professional FX Makeup Artist Elizabeth Fox is at it again taking your Zombie look from Budget to Basic to Beyonce Level. She takes your on hand makeup and adds some legit FX to kick your look up to true Queen Bey Zombie status. Halloween never looked so undead. Let’s do this!

What you’ll need: Beyonce Level Zombie Makeup:

The basics you’ll likely have. To truly go Queen Bey, we’re adding some major upgrades. See our Budget and Basic versions for nuances and ways to switch it up! 

*Tinsley Transfers Prosthetics

Ben Nye Effects Gel. Other brands recommended are Mehron 3-D Effects Gel.
Foundation 1-3 shades lighter than skin tone
Loose powder- no color, translucent
*Contour: Brand Used: Ben Nye Death Wheel and Bruise Wheel, Joe Blasco. Other brands: Mehron, Kryolan

Black eyeliner pencil
Different shades of purple and grey and green eyeshadows
*Skin Illustrator Palattes in Zombie and FX, Other options: Reel Creations, European Body Art

Black cream makeup, like a gel eyeliner (if not available, a black eyeshadow works fine)
*MyBlood, Ben Nye Blood, Kryolan HD Blood, KD 151, Red DrumA few brushes- one to do the contour, an eyeshadow brush, a smaller brush for details and decay areas and one to apply loose powder

Where to purchase:  www.tinsleytransfers.com, www.frendsbeauty.com, www.nigelbeauty.com, www.camerareadycosmetics.com, www.alconeco.com

Step 1: Prosthetics! Gelatin & Foundation

beyonce level zombie

beyonce level zombie

To kick off the Beyonce Level Zombie we are going to add prosthetics! Always be sure to apply Prosthetics on clean skin, this insures good adhesion. I used Tinsley Transfers. Next use Silicone Build Up Material for Rotting Flesh. I used 3rd Degree. Make sure to use setting powder once it dries.

Step 2 Decay & Contour

beyonce level zombie

Add the “skeletal” effect by contouring your cheekbones and nose with the darker shades of makeup you have on hand (to make your face look hollow). Use deep colors like purples and blacks around the eyes, adding to the skeletal effect. Get into that contour with the color cream wheels. We used Ben Nye Death Wheel and Bruise Wheel by Joe Blasco. Paint with Alcohol Palettes (also known as tattoo palettes). Make sure you use 99% alcohol to activate the colors! I used Skin Illustrator Palettes in Zombie and FX.

Step 3 Line & Smudge

beyonce level zombie

Smudging a black gel/liquid eyeliner around the eyelid area creates the deeper, hollow effect, too. Definitely went for some more drama this time around.

Step 4 Bruise, Highlight & Blood

Going over the areas you already contoured, take darker and lighter shades of eyeshadow/powder to enhance and set the contour, while highlighting the pale areas you haven’t touched yet. Applying highlighter on the lips takes away any color that remained, really solidifying the “dead” look.


Step 5 Gore & Blood

Now, for the gore. Apply the blood, but make sure not to have it be “pretty”! Use thick blood, as it won’t run and stays in the gelatin the best. We used MyBlood and Ben Nye Blood, Kryolan HD Blood, KD 151, Red Drum

beyonce level zombie


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