Bold Move: The Bold Type is Changing the Narrative of Relationships

The Bold Type

It isn’t often we see healthy, supportive, inspiring relationships on television. Networks rely on drama which can stem from toxic portrayals of relationships on a mass level. That’s what makes The Bold Type so refreshing. Its depiction of relationships strays away from this toxic norm.

Too often we see women depicted as catty, unfulfilled women doing what it takes to get to the top. That stereotype is replaced in The Bold Type with women who not only support each other but call each other out when one of them is in the wrong.

Kat helped Jane acknowledge and analyze her privilege after being passed up for a job in favor of another candidate who was not white. Sutton and Jane supported and encouraged Kat as she explored her sexuality. Jane and Kat supported Sutton as she reunited with her previously estranged mom. Each of these moments, not only entirely relatable, but filled with vulnerability and accountability.

Kat, Sutton, and Jane always show up for each other. No matter what they may be going through in their own lives. Whether it’s to support her during a tough time, celebrate an achievement, or give much needed tough love. It’s so important that young women today see this.

We aren’t in competition with each other. No matter what society likes to show us.

We can be supportive of our friends even when we’re dealing with personal issues. In return, we expect the same from our friends.

Not only is it important to show up, we have to be comfortable calling our friends out when they’re in the wrong or need a bit of a wake up call. We don’t need to be rude, or make a scene. We also can’t sugar coat the truth. As much as it sucks, I expect this from my friends just as much as I try to practice this with them.

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Just as important as a stable friendship, the depictions of a boss or mentor relationship between Jaclyn and basically the entire staff is beautiful. Often for some reason after years of experience, some people forget that they too were once beginners.

Time and time again Jaclyn has challenged Jane, pushing her as a writer to help her grow. She’s become a role model to Jane due to her always available ear and calm demeanor that allows her to approach situations, both journalistic and personal, with strong clarity.

We’ve seen the tables turn so many times with Jane encouraging Jaclyn to persevere despite fear of change and self-doubt. This relationship, as all should be, is mutually beneficial. No matter our age, we can always learn something new from someone else. Our paths are different in many ways and that wisdom gained along the way should be shared.

Finding a mentor is hard. Like Jane, I found mine through working at this magazine. For almost a year now, Paige has helped me grow as a writer, and I’m not alone in this experience. She’s thrown me extra responsibilities she believed I could handle even when I didn’t believe it myself. We’ve also learned together along the way by working on some pretty amazing projects I can’t wait for you all to see, or hear.

Just like we are here at Metiza, The Bold Type is all about female empowerment. Pushing back at the norms that have restricted women for so long. One main one is the relationship dynamic. Too often women lose their sense of self in relationships. They don’t speak up to their partner when something is bothering them and sometimes act as if their friends don’t exist.

Each romantic relationship the women of The Bold Type enter have been healthy ones. They’ve dealt with the downsides of being friends with benefits and how to say no to that friend when they finally want something real after blowing you off.

Each partner has helped the other learn, grow, and engages in needed conversation even if at times it’s unpleasant. What is most refreshing for me is to see strong women in romantic relationships stand up for themselves and leave when they feel they need to. There’s no sticking around hoping he or she will change.

The way The Bold Type portrays relationships and women makes me incredibly happy and I know it can’t be the only show that does. We have to support these shows and share them with our friends so more people see this positivity.

No matter the type of relationship, if it’s toxic you need to leave. Consistent fights, being used by the other person, being belittled are not parts of healthy relationships. No matter how much mass media tries to convince us of otherwise. Your time and mental health is worth way more than any relationship.

Be picky with who you let into your life. If The Bold Type has taught us anything it’s that we are all unique, beautiful, and so damn worthy of all the goodness.

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