“Capture Your Style” by Blogger Aimee Song, A Book Review

aimee song

When the one and only Diane Von Furstenberg writes the foreword of the book in your hands, you know you are in for a good read.

These were the thoughts that crossed my mind as I turned the opening pages of Aimee Song’s Capture Your Style.


This book is a “must” for fashionistas and Instagram gurus alike. You will learn how to indulge in the social media experience regardless of your follower status.

Readers will follow a blossoming blogger’s journey to fame while learning how to personalize their own platforms. As a hybrid between a story and tutorial, the audience is given a unique reading experience from a typical narrative.

Song is a 31-year-old fashion and interior design blogger and social media influencer. Her blog, Song of Style, started as a hobby throughout her time in college and transformed into a career over the years. She currently sits at a whopping 4.7 million Insta followers and continues to gain even more.


Talk about writer cred!  

Now she can add author to her long list of accomplishments. She shares the secrets of her success in Capture Your Style by breaking down the science of an admirable feed. Song also reveals snippets of her fabulous life and lively personality along the way.

“As one of the fashion industry’s most influential bloggers, Aimee Song is living her American Dream,” DVF says in the book’s foreword. “With one perfectly curated Instagram photo at a time, she has become a symbol of today’s successful, stylish young women.”

Instagram is much more than it used to be when the app launched in 2010. It is now a tool for networking, engaging with others, and marketing products in the social media-crazed culture we live in, Song says.

She explains how this platform is an outlet for introducing yourself to the world and engaging with others on an international scale.

Song applies her knowledge to the goals of various audience members. Whether they are in the midst of launching a business or simply using the app to creatively express themselves, they can apply her knowledge as they see fit.

The book guides you through the process of pro photo taking and editing. She spills the tea on which filter apps are necessities and the ethics of a properly edited pic.

Song also lays out the ground rules for styling and snapping fashion and food photos for those hoping to immerse in the world of lifestyle blogging.

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What captured my attention is Song’s dedication to teaching readers how to translate who they are in real life to 12 petite photo squares on a screen. She understands that social media can create the pressure to appear perfect and tells her audience how to overcome this.

“Like every moment on Insta, your goal is to tell an inspired, authentic story,” Song says. “I want to empower you, whether you need the confidence to start an e-commerce business or simply want to share special moments with your ten best friends.


As I do not want to spill too many of Song’s essential secrets, I will leave you with this tidbit of information:

You do not need a fancy camera or 1 million followers to be a successful Instagrammer. All you need is your smartphone, creativity and, authentic self to dominate this network.

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