Decorating on a Budget: From Thrifting to Minimalism

decorate on a budget

There’s a thousand ways to decorate your room, but most people don’t have thousands of dollars with which to buy decorations. But that’s why I have some fantastic advice on how to decorate on a budget using everything from thrifting, to DIY to Minimalism.

Thrifting, street sales, making Do it Yourself (DIY) decorations and reusing different materials are a great way to decorate. Not to mention, following the three Rs, reduce, reuse and recycle, while you plan your decorations is great ways to stay cheap and environmentally friendly.

#1 Thrifting

Most towns have a locally owned thrift store, and if not, Goodwill is always an option. Not only are these stores amazing for last minute Halloween costume shopping, they also tend to have interesting odds and ends that can be used as cheap decorations.

For example, discarded paintings and furniture—without upholstery if you fear used couches—can often be found in thrift stores for very reasonable prices. A dear friend of mine has beautiful blue panels of abstract art covering his walls—all from Goodwill rather than Target or another chain.

#2 Street Sales

Street sales, or garage sales depending on the vernacular you ascribe to, are not only a fantastic adventure to go on with a few friends, these sales are also a great way to find cheap furniture or decorations. And now that “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing,” has been turned into a Netflix special, you can expect more people trying to empty their homes.

Embrace the materialism, but do so while holding on to your pocket book. Garage sales are a great way to haggle over price, driving it down, and to find unique items you might not see at your average big chain store.

#3 DIY

If you’d rather custom make everything—and have the time to pursue that goal—be my guest. YouTube offers hundreds of thousands of DIY tutorials from anything to art to furniture to decorative curtains. And by “doing it yourself,” you control the price: your time and your money.

DIY is especially useful if you’re working off a theme. Finding something that matches your aesthetic can be difficult if you’re going for something obscure, or not the vintage style that thrift stores usually provide.

#4 Reuse

Lots of different items normally thrown out or recycled can be used for decorations. Old cans and bottles can become flower gardens, discarded colorful plastic can become a mobile, bottle caps can become candle bases. There are thousands of options, depending on how creative you are.

And regardless, a garden is a great way to give a natural, fresh feeling to a room.

#5 Reduce

Finally, if you just want to seem like you’ve decorated without putting any of the work in, consider adopting minimalism as your governing style. This might not be what you normally think of when you aim for decorating. But if you’re a fan of minimalism (which all thrifty decorators really must be) reducing excess clutter can really open up a space, and if you’re confident enough, it can even look intentional.

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