The Internet is Obsessed over these Disney/Pixar Brackets

At this point, you’ve either seen or heard about the brackets that are breaking the internet. And no, this has nothing to do with basketball. These brackets won’t let you down (or win you any money unfortunately) but they can cause outrage between your friends and personal turmoil when choosing between your two favorites.

This internet trend started when Twitter user @yeeitsanthonyy shared a blank bracket pitting Disney and Pixar movies against each other. As of Friday, it has racked up almost 45,000 retweets and 95,000 likes!

disney pixar brackets

However it seems as if each person has their own take on the trend, and it is causing a fierce debate online.

For instance, I decided to share mine on my Snapchat and Instagram stories and almost instantly got replies telling me how wrong I was. You can see my correct bracket below.

While my friends comments ranged from “Finally someone agrees with me!” to “This is the stupidest bracket I’ve ever seen,” the criticism I received was not the hardest part.

The hardest part about this bracket is pitting my absolute favorite movies against each other and deciding which should move on.

The first round wasn’t too difficult, but moving on from there started to get tough. Choosing between the cinematic masterpieces of both Tangled and Moana felt impossible. I couldn’t stop thinking about that beautiful lantern scene paired with the emotional “I see the Light” in Tangled. Yet, the scene in Moana where she invites Te Kā through the ocean to come to her so that she may restore the heart of Te Fiti is one of the most beautiful and intricate pieces of animation I have ever seen.

So, if you can’t tell by my thought process for round two, it was pretty rough going forward from there.

I felt pretty confident in my final four. While examining it for this article, I realized that my final four was pretty unique in that the movies weren’t necessarily romantic interest movies, which is a pretty interesting personality take on me.

But alas, many more brackets were made that did not agree with mine. Lion King seems to be the overall winner in the heart of the internet.

If that that Disney bracket left out your favorites, a more comprehensive Disney bracket also exists.

Made by Twitter user @jander513, this bracket includes all of the movies above and much more. And spoiler, I still had Hercules winning it all. You just can’t mess with the best.

If you’re not a Disney or Pixar movie person, thats no problem because there are still so many trending brackets that you can participate in!

The Twitter user that created the Disney/Pixar bracket said that he had been inspired by the Kanye West bracket made by Twitter user @cdotharrison.

The bracket features some of the best songs from Kanye’s career and once again, pits them against each other.

There are several other brackets being posted online almost daily. Some of my favorite ones so far have included…

  1. The Nickelodeon live-action vs. Nicktoons TV show bracket made by @jonathan7157
  2. The Nickelodeon vs. Disney TV show bracket made by @BraydenMartino
  3. The DreamWorks vs. Illumination and Blue Sky movie bracket, also made by @BraydenMartino

There are several more on Twitter and there are new ones being posted practically every day. Speaking of, Buzzed just made a bracket of the hottest Disney guys and like…a lot were animals as mentioned by the one and only Chrissy Teigen.

Whatever you’re into, I’m sure there’s a bracket out there for you! Be sure to tag us (@metizamag) if you decide to post yours, we’d love to see them!




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