Make this DIY Jewelry Box by Recycling Your Old CD’s

DIY Jewelry Box

Everyone’s got old CD’s laying around at home collecting dust. And we can only hold onto the hope that the mix CD era will come back around for so long (looking at you Spotify). So we put ours to good use in this DIY jewelry box tutorial.

With the Holidays here, and Galentine’s Day just around the corner, it makes an easy gift for all your ladies too! Goodness knows we have enough CD’s laying around. Watch and enjoy!

DIY Recycled CD Jewelry BoxDIY jewelry box

Things you need
A wooden box or thick cardboard box
Old CD’s
Hot glue gun + glue sticks or tacky glue
Paint (we used acrylic in this video, which works really well on wood)

1. Paint the wooden box completely, in the color of your choice. Let the box completely dry
2. Grab some CD’s and cut them into small pieces using a pair of scissors.
3. Using either your glue gun or tacky glue,  glue the pieces on to the top of the box in an organic, mosaic pattern.
4. Let dry and fill with your favorite bling!