Channel Your Springtime Vibes into Making these Fabulous DIY Paper Flowers

DIY paper flowers

We’ve packed away the ornaments, fall leaves and snowflakes. The Valentine hearts have gone 75% off. It may not be shorts and flip flop weather quite yet, but we can feel the beginning of spring in our bones. With springtime  just around the corner, what better way to add some color to your room or school supplies than with some DIY paper flowers? Grab some scrap paper, blast your favorite playlist, and get crafting!

DIY Paper Flowers

What you’ll need
Colorful paper (I used photos from an old calendar)
Glue (either a glue stick or a hot glue gun)
Clear Tape

1. Cut two strips of paper. The first should be 30cm by 4cm. The second should be 30cm by 2cm.

DIY paper flowers 1

2. Take the 30cm by 4cm strip of paper and begin to cut strips on one side, leaving 2cm at the top. Cut strips all along the bottom side.

DIY paper flowers 2

3. Take the second piece of paper and put glue on the very end of one side. Next, place the side with glue on it onto the top right part of the first strip of paper.

DIY paper flowers 3

4. Starting at the left end of the 30cm by 2cm, begin to tightly roll the paper towards the right.

DIY paper flowers 4

5. Continue rolling the paper tightly, adding glue when need be to keep the roll tight.

DIY paper flowers 5

6. Tape the end of the strip to keep the roll in place

DIY paper flowers 6

7. Spread out the strips and you have yourself a neat paper flower! You can make bookmarks, chains, or even magnets out of these paper flowers. Regardless of what you do- have fun with it!