Dollar Tree: Frugal, Fabulous and Fun

dollar tree

Saving money is always going to be trendy, but my favorite place to save is at the Dollar Tree. There is a very finite amount of things that you cannot find at the dollar store, to the point where you can buy meat there (although, I don’t quite trust that one entirely). Either way here are some of my favorite things to buy at the dollar store.

Household Items

Dollar Tree sells things like cleaning products, pet litter and toys, and even some scented candles that will set the mood for celebrating all your savings.

I also really love to buy batteries. Seriously, they work the exact same so why on Earth would I want to pay full price?! Beats me.

My best find was my kitchen flatware. Yes, yes. Beautiful, square, white, ceramic dinner plates for ONE DOLLAR EACH! And the sets change seasonally, so if you’re planning on throwing any themed festivities then it is definitely a one stop shop.

With that, holiday decorations are always plentiful. My roommate and I can decorate our entire apartment from New Years to Christmas and every holiday in between without even making a dent in our bank accounts and we loveee doing it.

Party Planning

While this sort of spins off of the last topic, the Dollar Tree has all the plastic table cloths, silverware, plates and cups that you could want. Bonus: they have a plethora of colors!

Additionally, they carry greeting cards, streamers and even balloons with helium and without.

But, the cream of the crop in the party section… GOODY BAG-STUFFERS! I may be an adult, but something about those little toys and trinkets still appeals to the kid in me.


I constantly find myself making a run to the Dollar Tree prior to going to the actual store because I am always able to find basic spices or condiments for dirt cheap.

Plus it is a genuine heaven for snack foods. They have snacks that I completely forgot about, like Nutty Bars, Pringles and Moon Pies. And don’t forget about the movie candy; there is never a reason to pay quadruple the price for candy at a movie theater. Ever.

No matter what you’re going to Dollar Tree to find, you’re definitely going to find it for cheap. And if you have no self-control like me, then you’ll definitely leave with a little something extra.