Falon Sierra Releases Risqué Video for New Single “Try Me”

Try Me

Seattle’s own Falon Sierra is back at it with a new track and video for her latest single, “Try Me”. I was fortunate enough to catch an early performance of the song when I covered Sound Off! last year–almost to the day! Since then, it has been exciting to watch her continue to grow as an artist, and this new song and music video do not disappoint.

“Try Me” is undoubtedly an R&B track, accompanied by a risqué video perfect for your spicy Valentine’s Day playlist (Sierra’s words, not ours), but we’d have to agree. While the video is sensual and likely meant for a significant other, it also speaks to being comfortable in your own skin. Sierra exudes confidence as she takes off her clothes while staring into the camera, no insecurities in sight. Falon, you are a badass, and we support you. Keep making music and doing you.

Check out her live performance of “Try Me” from the 2017 Sound Off! Semifinals here and keep an eye out for her second EP!