Five Wellness Podcasts Guaranteed To Improve Your Life

Wellness Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to pass the time on long road trips or to tune in to when you’re taking your evening stroll. If you’re looking to diversify your podcast portfolio with some wellness-centric addition, look no further. Here are my personal top 5 favorite wellness podcasts:

The Ultimate Health Podcast

Led by Dr. Jesse Chappus and Marni Wasserman, this podcast is an awesome mixture of physical and mental well-being.

Each episode brings in an expert in some field of wellness. Most episodes are nutrition-based, but the way the information is presented is upbeat and intriguing.

They also often steer from nutrition and bring in various experts to discuss topics such as levels of consciousness, how to become your most successful self, ways to cope with anxiety, and how to live a gratuitous life, just to name a few.

Favorite Episode: EP 236 Candice Kumai – Embracing Imperfection, Connecting With Our Elders, Matcha 101


Wellness Podcasts
The Mindbodygreen Podcast

You may have previously visited mindbodygreen‘s website for articles on nutrition and well-being, but now founder and CEO Jason Wachob recently launched a podcast for the site as well.

This show is also heavily nutrition based but also incorporates episodes on self-care and spirituality.

Similar to The Ultimate Health Podcast, Wachob ensures to cover all sides of food-related topics. He doesn’t just bring in an expert on Keto, for example, and say that’s that. He’ll interview other nutrition experts who believe other courses of nutrition are optimal.

Favorite Episode: EP 4 John Mackey, Whole Foods CEO, on Food Co-ops, Meditation, and How to Turn Setbacks Into Successes


Wellness Podcasts
Embody Radio

Emily Duncan is a former bikini competitor and proponent of her #WonderWomanMentality which emphasizes as, “becoming your OWN Wonder Woman. Don’t rely on the energy of the outside world to fuel you. Find out what makes YOU strong and what makes YOU awesome, and run with it.”

Duncan’s podcast is all about fitness and athlete motivation and nutrition. Her guests discuss healthy body images, different methods of nutrition for athletes, and training programs and goals.

Favorite Episode: EP 37 The Power of Fiber and Why Carbs Make You Leaner, with Tanya Zuckerbrot


Wellness Podcasts

The Strong Woman Podcast

More commonly known as the @thepilatespt , Hollie Grant is an award-winning fitness instructor and personal trainer. She wholeheartedly believes women should prioritize strength over leanness.

Grant interviews successful and powerful women in the fitness industry, who inspire her and are bound to inspire you as well.

Favorite Episode: EP 6 Emma Mills


The Motherkind Podcast

This motherhood-based podcast is led by Kindalini Khalsa Way yoga teacher, Zoe Blaskey.

Each guest is a mother (usually) who is an expert in one field of either physical or mental wellness.

Some of the episodes won’t apply to individuals, such as myself, who don’t have children. But many of them could apply to any woman’s life.

Most episodes focus on self-improvement, dealing with stress, and women’s health.

Favorite Episode: EP 26 How to Love Your Body (Whatever it Looks Like) with Mel Wells


Wellness Podcasts

All of these podcasts are accessible through the links attached and are all available on the Apple Podcasts app.

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