Get Your Fall Decorating On with this Glitter Leaf Garland Tutorial

Glitter leaf garland still

Are you throwing a Friendsgiving party? Or just in the mood to get your fall decorating on? We’ve got the prettiest craft for you. Especially now that daylight savings is in full swing, everyone needs a little glitter in their life. Plus, since fall leaves are already totally gorg, why not enhance them with some sparkle? Here’s how to make your own glitter leaf garland – hang it wherever you need a little twinkle in your life!

Glitter Leaf Garland Tutorial

What you’ll need
Real or fake fall leaves, maple leaves tend to work the best since they are a nice wide size
Fall colored glitter
Craft glue
Ribbon (the sparklier the better)

1. Paint the front of each leaf with craft glue and then sprinkle with glitter until completely covered.
2. Let dry.
3. Cut a small notch at the top of each leaf, where the stem meets the the base of the leaf. This is where you will thread your ribbon.
4. Cut varying lengths of ribbon and attached to each leaf through the small holes you just cut. Secure with a knot or bow.
5. Tie the other end of each leaf’s ribbon to a longer piece of ribbon, this will act as the main body of your garland. Make sure it’s long enough for whatever window, doorway or locker you want to hang it from.
6. Mount on the wall and enjoy the sparkle!


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