Holiday Treat Jars for All Your Sweet Tooth Friends

Holiday Treat Jars

Who doesn’t love M&M’s, yogurt covered pretzels, malt balls? What if those treats also came wrapped in a personalized, adorable, holiday-themed jar? For everyone on your list with a sweet tooth, try making these DIY holiday treat jars. They are great gifts for the whole squad, your neighbors, or even your teachers.

DIY Holiday Treat Jars

Holiday Treat Jars,

Rudolph Jar Supplies:
Mason jar
Tacky glue
Red puff ball
Brown pipe cleaner
Red twine
Gift tag
Chocolate Malt Balls (Whoppers)

Holiday Treat Jars, reindeer

1.     Glue the red puff ball onto the front of the jar for a nose.
2.     Wrap one brown pipe cleaner around the jar and twist it together in the back.
3.     Take another pipe cleaner and bend it about 3 inches down at a 45 degree angle to look like half of a “Y”. Cut another piece of pipe cleaner (about 3 inches) and wrap it around the half Y to make a full Y.
4.     Cut 8 pieces of pipe cleaner 2 inches long. Take one of those pieces and make a V. Take another 2 inch piece and hold it up to the V so the tip of the V meets the 2 inch piece half way, making a V with a straight line through the middle. Wrap the 2 inch piece around the V once. Repeat this series with the rest of the 2 inch pieces so you have 4 little bird feet.
5.     Attach one “bird foot” to each one of the ends of the Y to make a reindeer antler.
6.     Repeat these steps so you have an antler for each side of the jar.
7.     Attach the reindeer antlers to the side of the jar by twisting them to the pipe cleaner wrapped around the jar.
8.     Thread twine through a gift tag and tie in a bow around the mason jar.
9.     Fill with malt balls and attach the lid!

Elf Jar Supplies:
Mason jar
Tacky glue
Two white buttons
Red Felt
Green gift string
Gift tag
Green M&Ms

Holiday Treat Jars, elf

1. Glue the two white buttons onto the front of the jar.
2. Flip your mason jar upside down on your piece of felt and trace the circle of the lid onto the felt. Then draw a star/sunshine shape around the circle and cut the piece of felt out, including the inside of the circle.
3. Put felt collar around the neck of the jar
4. Thread green gift string through the gift tag and tie it around the neck of the jar.
5. Fill with green M&M’s and attach the lid!

Snowflake Jar Supplies:
Mason jar
Assorted snowflake stickers
Silver gift string
Gift tag
Yogurt covered pretzels or any kind of white or blue candy

Holiday Treat Jars, snowflake

1.     Arrange snowflake stickers on the mason jar until it’s covered to your liking.
2.     Thread silver gift string through the gift tag and tie it to the neck of the jar.
3.     Fill the jar with pretzels or any other white or blue candy!