Ladies We Love: Idina Menzel

I was inspired by Abby’s article about her girl crush on Chrissy Teigen so I’m here to introduce to you another boss lady who needs to be on your radar: Idina Menzel.

If you consider yourself a huge musical theatre nerd such as myself, then you already know what a queen she is. No pun intended- she did voice an Ice Queen in Disney’s Frozen, after all. 

Aside from her massive resume, Idina is such a huge role model when it comes to modesty, being a good person, and balancing family life with an intense workload.

Okay, clearly she’s talented.

This one is a little obvious but for those of you who still aren’t following, Idina Menzel is an enormous Broadway icon. She originated the lead roles in WICKED, Rent, and If/Then, as well as voiced Elsa in Frozen. This winner of 3 Tony Awards has since added solo work to this insane list, releasing quite a few albums of her own as well.

idina menzel
via NY Daily News

I would like to believe that Idina Menzel is actually a superhuman and that’s the reason she can hit such insane notes. That makes me feel better about my singing abilities, at least.

Yes, she actually belted that entire song, all while strapped in a harness literally flying above the stage.

She’s absolutely hilarious and oh so charismatic.

I attended Idina’s final concert of her world tour a few weeks ago, and while it was my first concert, I can confidently say I don’t think I will ever attend another show quite like hers. The reason? She can carry an audience just as well as she can carry a tune.

I took some pictures of the concert that I wanted to include, but looking back I realize how horribly blurry they are. Oh, Presley, why couldn’t I be blessed with your photography skills, even for just one hour?

Between making jokes with the crowd and telling hysterical stories about her time as a wedding singer (more on that later), I became intrigued by how easy it was for her to charm thousands of people in mere minutes. However, while extremely impressive, I don’t think that this is an unachievable fete. Idina Menzel is so charming because she is so true to herself, and we can all channel a bit of this into our lives.

This #Girlboss is so fascinating because she’s so real.

She doesn’t try to pretend to be something she’s not. She has a unique look and her own personal style of performance, and she isn’t changing that to please anybody anytime soon.

Of course, she also has a great sense of humor. You’d have to in order to laugh off the whole “John Travolta pronouncing her name Adele Dazeem at the Oscars” situation. Oh, you haven’t seen it yet? Watch at your own risk- it’s super cringeworthy.

For being so talented, she is so humble.

Unlike quite a few stars, Idina Menzel had to work extremely hard to get to where she is today. She truly started at the bottom, singing at weddings and bar mitzvahs before she got her big break on Broadway. She is so grateful to have the opportunity to explore her passion and share her love of music with her fans.

idina menzel
via Idina Menzel’s Official Website

Another way that Idina is different from most other performers is that she actually has a family. I know, what?! There’s actually no way that she can balance having a family life on top of such a hectic work schedule. Once again proving that she is in no way an average human being, Idina makes the dream work while raising her 8-year-old son, Walker Nathaniel Diggs.

She’s proven that it’s possible to start over and be happy.

Menzel shared with her fans at the concert that she is happily engaged for the second time. She and Taye Diggs, the father to her son, Walker, got divorced in 2014. However, Idina knew that she deserved love, so she went out and found it once again. This just proves that it’s possible to overcome any obstacle and be happy again.

She loves her fans.

It was made clear from the first few minutes of the concert, when Idina invited a fan to come onstage and take a selfie with her, that she truly loves her fans more than anything. She was so upfront and honest with us, as if we were her close friends that she meets for coffee every week.

I want people to feel like they really got to know me. That I was willing to make myself vulnerable and allow them into a little window of my soul through the music

She is such a good person.

Personally, I am most impressed by what an incredible person Idina Menzel is. During her performance of “Let It Go” during the show, she invited up all of her young fans in the audience to sing the song alongside her. Not only was she super sweet and encouraging to all the children, she made some very special kids’ dreams come true.

The entire second row of the venue was made up of children with special needs, and Idina made it her purpose to include these individuals. She enlisted the help of her tour crew to assist in getting the kids onstage, and she truly spotlighted these beautiful souls by allowing them to use the microphone and truly enjoy performing in front of an audience.

We all need a little more Idina Menzel in our lives.

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