Influencers and Brands Who Inspire Us to Love the Earth and Ourselves

environmentally sustainable living

Over the last decade, our planet has taken some harsh hits from climate change and pollution. It is now more important than ever that we are mindful of how we treat not only the earth, but ourselves too. When we take the conscious approach to loving ourselves by using sustainable and ethical products, we are helping preserve the planet. Here is a list of our influencers and brands who are working to promote environmentally sustainable living, a healthy and ethical lifestyle. Change starts with us!


Jenny has been active on YouTube since 2015 and has been a positive influence ever since. While spending her college years in NYC, she has given subscribers a look into her (imperfect) vegan and ethical lifestyle. She has given us guides on how to quit fast fashion, how to start living sustainably, and has kept it real with her day in the life videos. Her dedication to leaving the earth better than she found it is so inspiring.


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Just want to be Meryl Streep Mama Mia

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2. @ceciliagorgon

You may recognize this beauty from Glossier’s boy brow campaign back in 2017. Cecilia is a Midwestern girl whose agenda consists of saving the environment of loving her dog. If you look at her Instagram story highlights, you will see a wide variety of videos that inform you in what brands to buy from if you want to support slow fashion; as well as Q & A’s on veganism and how to treat curly hair. Cecilia is sweet and has the effortless fresh aesthetic we all wish we could achieve.


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@supergoop has new eyeshadows that protect ur eyes AND don’t contain micro plastics 💙🌎

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3. @thatcurlytop

Next up we have the lovely Jazmine Brown, a California native who shows us all how fun it can be to be fashionable while caring for the environment. She is the epitome of “even the smallest gestures can make a difference”. From ethical grocery tips to which reusable coffee cup provides the best bang for your buck, she helps all of us see the value in simplicity and minimalism. Jazmine is also fabulous when it comes to introducing you to ethical brands you’ll love.

4. @leefromamerica

Lee Tilghman has made her place on the internet as a fierce encourager of the healthy and mindful lifestyle. Before her 5-month long hiatus, she consistently equipped us with helpful tips on how to take care of ourselves intentionally. Thus, turning ourselves into a more positive influence everywhere we go. Lee is known for her excellent recipes and travel guides. If you’re looking to improve your lifestyle and need some pointers on how to love yourself better, Lee is your girl.


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“There’s only one reason why you’re not experiencing bliss at this present moment, and it’s because you’re thinking or focusing on what you don’t have” – Anthony De Mello It’s time for my annual holiday hiatus and will be logging off social media to rest. During times of digital detoxification, I am reminded of who I am without social media, and have more time and bandwidth to brainstorm and dream up for 2019 + beyond. In this culture of share, share, share, it’s seldom that creators take breaks. Other creators, like singers and actors, take long breaks between albums and touring to ground down and sharpen their tools. They do this so ultimately they can create more art. Social media culture makes us feel like we “can’t” do that, so we need to be proactive and remember it’s okay to take breaks, to log off, to hibernate, to rest, to say no, to not share, to be quiet, to not know what’s going on all the time. I am wishing all of you the most beautiful, safe, and joyful holiday season, however you spend it. I’ll be back soon, feeling refreshed, chilled, and ready to rock. 🧡💛💭 #leefromamerica

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5. @packagefreeshop

This online store has a huge variety of products that are perfect for incorporating ethical practices into your everyday life. Their categories range from bathroom and kitchen to beauty products to pet care essentials. This brand is hopelessly devoted to minimizing waste and providing all that you will need to help achieve a cleaner tomorrow.

6. @everlane

Everlane provides ethically made stylish pieces for everyone. Their cult favorite, the day heel, is the comfiest pair of heels that will ever grace your soles. For all of you who want to know exactly where your clothes come from, the brand even has a link that shows shoppers the factory that their clothes are made in.


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Breathable. Sophisticated. Recycled. The Day Glove ReKnit is available now. #AllDamnDay

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7. @impactforgood

Arkansas based blogger Jessica Kooiman is down-to-earth and organic. On her blog Impact for Good, she shares about her passion for minimalist fashion and how to maintain a minimal waste lifestyle. She even wrote about her almost entirely waste-free wedding — her mom even grew the flowers! Follow Jessica for fun blog posts on sustainability.

8. @baggu

Baggu offers a wide range of versatile bags. From shopping bags to purses, this brand makes it exciting to reduce waste and care for the environment. While purses and backpacks run more on the expensive side, their simple “standard baggu” bags are excellent for any kind of shopping activities.

9. @shethinx

Over the recent years, we have seen a rise in menstrual product brands that simply want to make periods easier. For those of you who prefer to not use a penetrative product such as tampons or menstrual cups, Thinx has created the ultimate pair of period panties. A pair of Thinx panties is made out of organic cotton, and can hold up to 4 tampons worth of blood. Once the day is done, all you need to do is put them in the washer and they’re good to go for your next cycle. For a more sustainable period, you may find it beneficial to invest in a pair or two.


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Keep your friends close… and your THINX closer. 🤗

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10. @entireworld

This brand is very transparent on their website about how and why they exist. Entireworld aims for a clean retro aesthetic while also catering to the earth by using organic materials. They explain why it’s important for consumers to care about the impact that the clothes they buy has on the environment. Like most sustainable brands, their clothes can be pricey. However, there is plenty of products available for affordable prices.


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💚@shop #entireworld

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