I Said Farewell to Inkwell and Learned the Heartbreak of Letting Go of Books

Letting go of books

Being a nerdy girl is fun- we tend to know what’s going on the world, can spout fun facts at any given moment, and have an obsession with pretty words. But often times that obsession ends up being very prominently, and permanently displayed on your bookshelf. The cold hard truth is letting go of books is HARD. I started to realize that when my bookshelf was no longer just a bookshelf but rather a wooden box crammed to the brim with paper- I might have a bit of a fire hazard. Which is why I bring you the following how to guide on decluttering your bookshelf.

Don’t see it as getting rid of books – but rather giving the books a new life.

This is essential!!! Before you start trying to sort out your books, find a specific place or person for the books you are no longer holding on to. Asking myself if I’m ever going to reread the Percy Jackson series is hard because I know I will always say I’m going to. Instead having the mindset that another person might find good use of them at a local library book sale puts it into perspective. Let it go.

letting go of books
Take all the books off your shelf.

Allowing for your shelves to see the bright of day will remind you to breathe and appreciate the open space. Cramming them full can feel suffocating. Add a plant, a photo or two, not  just one giant dangerous stack of books. By now it’s also likely that your floor may or may not be now covered in books by now. On to the next step.

Look at said pile of books on the floor, and pick out the ones that you really love. I’m talking the books that you have reread ten times, or maybe the one that your parents always read before you went to bed. Regardless of the type of book, pick out only your favorites and put them on a shelf.

Think realistically.

The hard part about determining what books to give away is determining what books you are going to feasibly be able to read. Some books I had on my bookshelf for over two year and have never actually started reading it. If you haven’t touched a book in over a year, it’s a sign that it’s probably time to let it go. The book won’t be gone forever, it’ll just be helping brighten someone else’s shelves. If you ever have the urge to read the book again, the library will always have it in stock.

Remember that the outcome is worth it.

Five large boxes later, over 70 books gone and I can happily say that my shelves are no longer a fire hazard (at least less so). Letting go of books leaves room for you to be able to add a new book every once in a while, and take away a new book while not feeling guilty about a huge “to be read” pile.

I hope these steps helped in clearing off some shelf space in you room! Just remember that the books can stick with us in our thoughts, but they don’t always have to be on our shelves.