Tattoos Do Not Always Have to Hold a Deeper Meaning

Tattoos are a form of expression, whether they are meaningful or not.

It was not till college that I began to become interested in tattoos. The fear of permanency and regret began to disappear and I found myself with a moon on my ribs and flowers on the back of my arm.

The most frequently asked question when people see my tattoos is “What is the meaning behind it?”

When I respond with a simple “I liked the design”, it is usually followed with a concerned look. While I am all for tattoos with a deep meaning, I think the idea that in order to get a tattoo it has to have some meaningful reasoning behind it, is a cliché and people need to get over that mindset.

Maybe I fell in love with an artist’s design? Maybe I love flowers and want them to be on my skin? Why does it have to carry some important message in order for it to be accepted?

Both of my tattoos hold no meaning to it, and I am perfectly content with that. I have gained nothing but a pretty design on my body and more happy memories with my friends.

What I like most about having tattoos that hold no true significance, is the fact it does not make me want to convince myself and other people around me it was not a mistake. If I am going to regret it in the future, whether or not it holds meaning is going to be the least of my worries.

I know not everyone is going to like my tattoos, or let alone agree with them, and that is fine. Everyone is their own person, but I should not have to feel ashamed for something that makes me feel happy.

Another aspect of tattoos many people tend to overlook, is the fact that tattoos can do a lot for a person’s self- esteem.

Some people get a tattoo on a part of their body that they are normally insecure about, and it gives them a boost of confidence.

I think that in its self is enough of a reason for someone to get a tattoo. It is a cosmetic procedure, just like getting a nose job or lip injections. Everyone has their own way of enhancing their body to help them feel better.

Getting inked is also considered very therapeutic for many people. Whenever they are going through a hard time, they find peace in going to a tattoo shop. It is their form of coping and it is harming no one.

Whether a person has zero tattoos, a few, or is completely covered in them is their own choice. If their tattoo has a special meaning to them, great, if not, it is equally as great because it makes them happy.


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Emily DiTomasso is studying journalism and film at Arizona State...