When Netflix Gets Boring: 5 Better Ways to Spend Your Winter Break

winter break

You definitely deserve to have a restful break: to kick back, sleep in, binge Netflix, and binge any and all of your favorite junk foods. After a long semester, you’ll probably be busy with festivities like holiday parties and visiting family too. If you’re anything like me, as much as you love to sleep in and watch Netflix, you start feeling bored, stiff, and stuffy after a while and are itching to get back into a productive routine. Let’s talk about some great ways you can spend winter break to kick your boredom!

Clean and Consign

With the holiday season being in full swing, you’re probably receiving a lot of awesome gifts from friends and family. To make room for your new things, why not go through your closet and rack up some old clothes that don’t fit you or that you don’t wear anymore? Even if you feel like you might not find a lot, you’ll be surprised at how much is probably hiding in the depths of your bedroom that you don’t want or need anymore. Clothes, shoes, purses, accessories, anything. Someone somewhere will appreciate it! Make a bag full of clothes to donate or give to someone as hand-me-downs.

Also, checkout any consignment stores or secondhand clothing stores in your area, you might have the opportunity to make some money by selling them your old clothes. Decluttering is always a way to beat boredom and get you feeling productive and less stressed. While you’ve got the time over break, give your bedroom a deep clean and give some people in need some new clothes!

Get Ahead

Even if you don’t want to think about school, getting a head start on prep for next semester can make you feel on top of your game, and will also make a huge difference when school rolls around. Shop for things like new notebooks, pens, a cute planner. Research internships and jobs you want to apply for. In your downtime without class and homework, study for standardized tests you may have upcoming. Organize and map out your class, work, and extracurricular schedule for the new semester.

Book any necessary doctor or dentist appointments. While it’s not the most glamorous way to spend your time, it will put you in a productive state of mind and make you feel accomplished. It also may help to eliminate and offset stress that may occur when school starts up again.

Be Active

How many of us enjoy working out and recognize the vast health benefits behind it, but don’t have time when we’re buried in schoolwork and other responsibilities? During your winter break, get some exercise! Going to the gym, doing yoga, hiking outside if the weather is favorable, even watching dance or zumba videos on YouTube are all great ways to get some exercise. Anything to get your blood pumping and body moving will definitely put you in a productive mood. You’ll feel better, more awake, and more alert.


During the busy weekends before the semester ends, you’ve likely been studying and trying to crunch in good final grades. Winter break is a great time to see your friends, both old and new. Reconnecting with high school friends is one of my favorite winter break activities, as a college student who goes semesters at a time without seeing certain friends. Getting together to shop, bake, or even just chill and watch a movie are great ways to both relax but also be social and active during your break.

Take Some You Time

While it is nice and important to feel productive and to check items off a todo list, winter break is your much deserved time in between semesters to recuperate. Take a few days of the break to practice any self care you may be craving or in need of, anything from personal spa days to blasting your favorite music, therapeutically cooking or crafting, or even just making sure you catch up on sleep and hydration.

You deserve to relax and be kind to yourself, especially after the stress of final exams. School and work can take a lot out of you, physically and emotionally, and when presented with ample time on a break, use it to your advantage. Happy holidays, Metiza! I hope your winter break is everything you want it and need it to be.