New Year’s Eve Mocktails + DIY Glasses

New Year's Eve Mocktails

New Year’s Eve gets a lot of hype and for those of us who are under 21 it can feel a little intimidating. But fear not, you can still fill your glass with something bubbly and drink it too! And what’s a couple delicious New Year’s Eve mocktails without a fancy and oh so glittery glass? Watch here how to make your party glasses and what to fill them with. Happy New Year’s!

New Year’s Eve Mocktails

New Year's Eve Mocktails

DIY Glitter Glasses

What You’ll Need
Gold or silver nail polish
Craft glue
Painters tape

1. Nail Polish Decor:  pour out some polish and use your q-tip to dip and dot the glass. For an ombre look, stamp more dots at the base of the goblet and less and less as you work your way up.

2. Glitter Stripe Decor: wrap painters tap around the widest part of the glass in two parallel strips with a blank space (about an inch wide) between them. Paint this inside section with glue and sprinkle with glitter. Carefully peel off the tape once dry.

3. Glitter Ombre Decor: paint your glue from the stem of the glass up the width of the glass. You can cover the whole goblet or fade out the glue for more of a shaded look. Sprinkle glitter on the glue until covered.

Gummy Bear Mocktail

Add a small handful of gummy bears to the bottom of your decorated glasses. Pour sparkling apple cider on top for a sweet and bubbly treat!

Rainbow Sherbet Mocktail

Scoop some sherbet into the bottom of your glasses. Carefully pour apple cider on top of the ice cream as it will bubble up like a root beer float. Enjoy!