7 Things I Learned While Rewatching Sabrina The Teenage Witch

sabrina the teenage witch

When I think of my childhood, I think of all the shows I would watch on ABC Family when I got home from school and before I did my homework. One of the shows I loved the most was Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It was fun and enjoyable. I was always a sucker for stories about magic, and this show definitely delivered. So a few weeks ago when I saw that the show was available on Netflix, I knew I had to jump on the chance and rewatch the entire show.

1. Apparently the show is based on characters from Archie comics.

I never read comics when I was a kid, so I never knew about Archie comics when I was a kid. Given the fact that Archie comics has been turned into a show, I am now more aware. So I was very confused but intrigued when I saw the phrase “based on characters from Archie comics” in the credits. I now plan to find the Sabrina comic and read them to give myself a chance to enjoy more of the characters I like.

2. The show is full of inconsistencies.

As a kid, I never really cared about whether the show maintained perfect continuity or accuracy throughout. As an adult, however, I care. A lot. To name a few, at one point Harvey saying he loved to dance but then later he couldn’t, Harvey being able to drive stick in the early episodes but didn’t later, and the fact that Sabrina giving up her true love but still ended up with her soulmate, Harvey.
All in all, the inconsistencies really bothered me. Even the most insignificant ones. For instance, during the cat show episode Hilda and Zelda gave Sabrina mini quiches to find out who a blackmailer was, but then in later episode Hilda said she didn’t know “quiches came in mini.” Bingeing has that effect, I suppose, but they still bothered me greatly.

3. Salem is the best character on the entire show.

There really is nothing more to say, but I will. Salem the cat is such an amazing character. Whoever thought of having a criminal turned into a cat as punishment for trying to take over the world is a literal genius. He is the right amount of sassy, sarcastic, and manipulative to make him wonderfully lovable. Add in the fact that according to comic canon he is bisexual (heck yeah representation), and he is my absolute favorite.

sabrina the teenage witch
4. The fashion.

The first few seasons were okay in regards to fashion, however, once Sabrina went to college, it took a nosedive. The show began dressing everyone in what was fashionable, but that meant they were dressing in clothes that were popular in the early 2000s. Everyone knows that the early 2000s are a blight on fashion history. The peasant tops, the matching pants and tops, the pleather. Every episode I found myself judging what they were wearing and wondering why they had moved away from classics like sweaters and skirts that are fashionable in every age and into the weirdness that was 2000s fashion.

5. Sabrina and Harvey were meant to be.

Sabrina didn’t date around a lot, but out of all the boyfriends she had, Harvey was obviously the best. He was sweet, loving, and truly cared about Sabrina. He also wasn’t self-centered, which Josh was, or just not right for Sabrina, like Aaron was. He was perfect for Sabrina in every way, and I was just as happy now that I am an adult that they ended up together as I was as a child.

6. Season seven was a wash, except for the finale.

As I watched the seventh and final season, I found myself just saying why. It all felt awkward and forced. Sabrina lost a lot of what made her Sabrina. She was more whiney and just generally unlikeable. Her job at Scorch seemed like a waste of time. I know that it was to teach Sabrina that she couldn’t always get the perfect job but she also shouldn’t put up with a crappy job, but it seemed so weird and I hated everyone she worked with, so I found myself wishing the storyline was over. Also, why did Aaron even happen? He was a useless character, there was barely any development between him and Sabrina, and it all felt incredibly rushed.

Things I watched in my childhood weren’t perfect, but there is nothing wrong with that.

I researched it, and apparently they brought in Aaron because the actor who played Josh wanted to pursue other opportunities and they already had a plot in place for the seventh series. However, I just wish they had adjusted it than simply bringing in another man for Sabrina to date. It felt so rushed and it didn’t have a place in the show at all. She should’ve just stayed single and realized she loved Harvey instead. I mean, they almost broke up and called off the wedding 10 times.

However, the finale was so wonderful it almost makes up for the pain that was season seven. The ending was so precious and lovely I was literally crying. When she ran out and kissed Harvey, I felt a million butterflies rise up in my chest. When their soul stones fit and they left on his bike at the exact moment they first met, I burst into tears. It fulfilled everything I had ever wanted from the show. Harvey and Sabrina were always meant to be together in my mind, so it was so satisfying to see them finally end up back together.

7. I’m eternally glad I rewatched the show.

There were a few times when I worried that I would regret watching the show. I was concerned that it would hate the show when I rewatched it and ruin the happy memories I had of the show. While there were instances (plenty of them) when I wanted to scream at the TV, I found myself feeling excessively happy for the majority of it. The show reminded me of my childhood, of the times when I was carefree.

It also made me realize that things I watched in my childhood weren’t perfect, but there is nothing wrong with that. I have no regrets from my rewatch of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. In fact, I highly recommend it. It manages to provide a feeling of happiness and nostalgia that is incredibly pleasant, one I think is necessary for everyone.

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