Sentimental Gifts That Capture the Meaning of Christmas

sentimental gifts

With age, physical Christmas gifts become less and less necessary and meaningful. The holiday season transforms from materialism to a cherished time to spend with loved ones, letting them know how much they mean to you.

If you’re anything like me, however, you love giving gifts, and often can’t resist the urge to do so. Here are some gift ideas for loved ones that are so much more than just an object:

Photo Album or Frame

  • In the age of digital everything, we don’t often have many, if any, printed photos with friends and family. Print out some of your best photos and memories together then make an album, just put them in a simple frame, or even create a collage.

Sentimental gifts

Have an Experience

  • Agree to go halfsies on an exciting experience. Depending on your dare-devil aptitude this could range from sky diving to afternoon tea together.

Sentimental gifts

Create a Playlist

  • I’m a music addict, so this is by far my favorite gift to give. Compile a playlist of all the songs you’ve shared with one another. This can range from new music you discovered together, soundtracks to your favorite films, songs that remind you of them, or really any tunes that bring the two of you together. Burn it on a CD or even just share it with them on Spotify.

Sentimental gifts

Get Creative

  • If you’re an artist, paint a masterpiece for your loved one! Draw a picture of them, a place that’s special to both of you, or anything else you can think of. I’m not good at drawing but love graphic design, so I’ll design cards or posters for my family and friends on occasion.

Sentimental gifts

Spend A Meal or Day Together

  • With busy schedules all around it can be difficult to coordinate time to simply just be together. Take a day and spend it with your friend or family member. Cook a nice meal, watch a film, and listen to your favorite songs together. Time together is the greatest gift of all.

Sentimental gifts

Tell Them How You Really Feel

  • I love giving a nice card more than anything. Don’t just skimp on the store-bought Hallmark cards and simply sign your name below the “Merry Christmas” message, really let your loved one know how much you care for them. It’s hard to tell people exactly how you feel on the spot but you can say it all on a card, and they’ll have it to look back to later when they’re having a rough day. Win, win!

Sentimental gifts

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