Small Spaces And Big Aspirations

small spaces

Small Spaces Are Hard Enough to Deal With When You Love to Shop

Walking through the mall or scrolling the depths of Facebook Marketplace and Pinterest is pretty much a lost cause for my bank account and apartment space. But that doesn’t make me love it any less. You just have to learn how to maximize a small space to bring out the character in your home.

Decorating is one of the best parts of having your own space, but what happens when that space is starting to look cluttered. You have to get rid of stuff. Otherwise, you run the risk of looking like a hoarder that just so happens to have a sense of style on the side.

But I don’t think that is fair, small spaces can still be fun and functional so I am going to show you some items for small spaces that will give you the room you need. To shop all the items, click the icon!


This bag fits under most beds and in most closets for easy, neat and out of sight storage. Big dressers are nice when they can function as tables or counters but if your space only needs a small side table then there is no use wasting space with them. Plus the bags can be folded or compressed in order to save even more space.

My roommate and I love the fact that our drying rack fits in one side of our kitchen sink. Not only does it save precious counter space, but it allows for way less clean up since water doesn’t get all over the floor or the counters. Besides, one less thing on the chore chart ultimately leads to everyone being happier.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a big or small space; this clothing rack is one of the most useful things in my home. I love my clothes, but most of them cant go in the dryer. This small, folding rack has preserved my favorite sweaters and crop tops to allow the maximum wear on my clothes.

Food Preparation

Here is a lesson that should be known to all: it doesn’t have to be name brand to be a good product. This single cup coffee maker is Amazon’s Choice and it is under $25. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors and with its own matching, reusable coffee mug. Talk about choice!

My mom recently bought me this blenderĀ as a gift and honestly it has been a gem. It fits just about anywhere and it is perfect for making a single serve smoothie as opposed the army I was always preparing for prior to this blender. Not to mention, it comes with its own ice tray that makes mini-cubes.


Shelving is a must for small spaces. It’s just like in the city: when you run out of room to expand out, you expand up. These corner shelves are great especially since a weird corner can stick out like a sore thumb if it isn’t decorated properly.

Plants are a staple in a home if you can keep them alive, but there isn’t always room for them in small spaces, so what do we do? Yes, we hang the plants on the wall with these adorable planters.

Is it a locker or a storage unit or a television stand? Why not all three! This multipurpose unit clearly has multiple functionalities for any small space dwelling adult.

Additional Tips

These are a handful of tips that are helpful beyond compare.

Use lots of light- The smallest spaces can be made bigger with the use of light colors and exposure.

Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors- Mirrors are the best when it comes to creating an illusion of a bigger room.

Don’t be afraid to hang stuff- Unless your landlord has rules about putting holes in the walls Hang. Things. Up. Hang plants, light fixtures, Edison bulbs– literally anything that your heart desires can hang across your space.

Folding items become out of sight out of mind- If something can fold to go inside something else, buy it. If something is disguised as something more attractive, buy it. And for the love of all that is good, if something serves more than two purposes to your household, BUY IT!

Indulge, but save space- Seriously, there is nothing better than having cool and unique items that can keep you home clean and comfortable but also funky and fresh.