Snapchat releases your ‘Year in Review’ just in time for NYE

Just in time for New Year's we can all relive the horrors and fun times that were 2017.

Snapchat is allowing users to revisit their personal 2017 in a new feature released just for New Years. There has been a big pressure for the app to compete with the similar feature produced by Facebook and the “Best Nine” feature from Instagram.

The year in review segment should be accessible under your ‘Memories’ tab after you have updated the app. Unfortunately for some users who haven’t saved a lot of Snapchats to their memories, the feature does not appear.

A look back at 2017 via Twitter

However if you have saved enough pictures and videos there should be three options made available to you.

One is to edit the story, because absolutely who wants to be sharking old photos of themselves and their ex who their leaving behind in 2017?? The next is to save the cute video so you can upload it to your other forms of social media or maybe just text it to your mom. The last option is to send the story. You can send all your best memories of 2017 to your BFF directly and show all your Snapchat friends just how great your year was on your story.

The story itself starts with a yellow background proclaiming, “I made it through 2017. Here’s to me!” Which is the self love that we really all need to start 2018 with right?

It goes on to show how your year began, some highlights from your early morning and late night snaps, a couple selfies (because why not?), and where you have traveled but why home is the best place to be.

After those highlights, Snapchat chooses snaps with certain emojis featured to show how you laughed, cried and felt the love while 2017 was winding down.

While some people are excited to see their year through their saved memories, others aren’t thrilled.

This new feature is being seen as Snapchat’s latest attempt to fix their static user issue.

Many of Snapchat’s users are switching to Instagram stories, which started slow but grew a large following quickly.

Snapchat tried to draw more users earlier this year with their smart glasses, Spectacles. However these were considered a financial failure and Snapchat suffered a $40 million loss in their third quarter.

According to reports, Snapchat is planning a redesign with a simpler usage as well as marketing to the Android market to draw more users in. Whether or not this new marketing strategy will work and draw users back in from Instagram stories is uncertain.

Whether you use Snapchat or Instagram stories (or you’re the one random person that uploads Facebook stories) enjoy your New Years celebrations and your several ‘Year in Review‘ options!

Here’s to 2018!


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