DIY Gifting Series: Snowflake Mason Jar Lights with Tea Candles

Snowflake mason jar lights

There is something about little candles that really set the holiday mood. They also make great hostess gifts when dressed up in a festive candle holder. For all your holiday parties, why not take one of our snowflake mason jar lights? They make great center pieces or bathroom decor. And, if you make a whole batch, keep a few for yourself too!

Snowflake Mason Jar Lights

What you’ll need
Mason jars
Snowflakes (you can buy pre-cut packs or make your own with white paper)
Mod Podge (the glitter kind if you can find it)
Glitter (optional)
Tea candles

1. Cut our your snowflakes if you’re making them by hand. Make sure they are no more than 3 inches in diameter so they fit nicely on the jar.
2. Use your brush and Mod Podge to paint the snowflakes on the jar. Lacquer them with a thick layer to make sure they stick, it’s ok if it gets on the glass.
3. If you didn’t buy pre-glittered Mod Podge, sprinkle silver or blue glitter over the flakes while the glue is still tacky.
4. Let dry completely.
5. Drop in a tea candle or battery powered light and add a nice card!



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