Don’t Save Them For “Good”, Use Those Special Items Now

special items

That Special Something

Special items come in all shapes and sizes. A nice bottle of wine, fine china or even just a special snack. Usually people save these items for special occasions which means they rarely get used.

I think everyone likes to own something nice. I also think when something nice comes into our possession we immediately deem it unworthy for everyday use. We then just put it aside saying “no, no I’ll use this when the time comes.”

But what happens if that time never comes?

Saving Things for Special Occasions

I never thought much of saving things for special occasions because it seemed so logical. Why use something like fine china every day when you could save it for important dinners or company.

But then I stumbled upon a post on Reddit. The post was about an elderly woman who never touched her wedding china. She never used it and then on her death bed regretted it.

This woman’s little story changed my entire perspective on saving these special items. Why do we do such an odd thing?

There are plenty of things in my apartment that I have set aside for nicer times. Maybe I do it because I always saw others who do it. For example: I have a beautiful watch, but it has hardly ever seen the light of day. I have maybe worn it ten times and the battery has since died.

Truly, I never even noticed until I saw that little post while I was just scrolling along.

Make Every Day Important

By the logic that you should only use those special items on special days brings the idea that if you use them on any given day, that day becomes just as important.

Not to get on a soap box, but every day is important.

If you live your life with the mentality that everyday is important, your mental health will skyrocket. Plus, it could also have the possibility to turn the day into something even more amazing.

Following the Logic

With all of this being said I decided to do a trial. I decided to take my nice watch that I received for my sixteenth birthday, the necklace I got for my eighteenth and a nice ring I bought myself when I worked at a jewelry store and wear them for a week. I wanted to see if wearing these nice things for occasions that weren’t so special would give me the results I had thought so long about.

So I wore them with nice clothes to dinner, with casual clothes to class and work and I even tried wearing them with sweatpants to places like the grocery store.

My results were quite interesting.

I found that no matter what I was wearing I received compliments and people took notice of the items. However the part that was quite fascinating was that I was given more compliments when I was in my comfy clothes as opposed to any other outfit I wore with these items.

Not to mention, checking the time on a beautiful watch when I’m bored out of my mind truly makes the time seem to go by much quicker than on my usual watch.

What To Take Away

Saving things for a special occasions becomes pointless if there is a chance you may never get the chance to enjoy it to its full potential. You don’t have to wear or use your nice things every day, but use them whenever you feel like it, no matter what the occasion.

It’s fun and it will put a smile on your face. And at the end of it all, when you’ve finally lived a full life, you won’t be able to look back with regret about not having used these items.

Photo by Danielle Gehler on Unsplash

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